96 Stunning Reverse Ombre Styles You Would Want To Try

The trend which is going viral in this global world recently is Reverse Ombre. Ombre which stands “shaded” in French is a gradual stirring of one colour tone to another of your choice. Basically from light colours and changing it in dark colours. People tend to use it mostly in hair colouring and nail arts. Girls go crazy for trying reverse ombre style once they are in the process of making themselves look prettier and unique in their ways. On regular ombre, the top of the hairs coloured dark, and the below ones are usually left light. But in reverse ombre its the opposite. The top hairs are left as it is or changed to light colours, and the bottom ones are blended with dark tones to give an extra touch of a flawless look.

It’s a fashion thing in this globe that everyone wants to embrace themselves with the best they can look and wear them with confidence. It is the same with the hairs too, boys and girls no matter who, are eager to change themselves and look different and distinctive. Many may be puzzled about how they would look if they change it to reverse ombre hairstyles. Don’t get confused about it and have some ideas about reverse ombre hairstyles below.

Wavy Normal Reverse Ombre

reverse ombre

Wavy Normal Reverse Ombre is the most commonly chosen type of style in this category. The hair looks splendid with the colour tone. With its wavy approach on the hair, it adds a classy feel.

Slight Purple

The colour purple which is normally not chosen by many is a hoax. Actually when it comes to reverse ombre slight purple tone at the bottom of the hairs gives a brilliant look.

Dark Above

The dark tone hair colour from the scalp area up to the neck and changing the colours to light colour tones make this hairstyle work perfectly for the girls with dark hairs.


Hairs which are of silky nature can rock this hairstyle. The white and grey colour is making it a wonderful combination in this hairstyle. Silky Reverse Ombre is a popular one in this category too.

Little Curles

Going to a party? Wanna look indistinctive among all, Little Curles Reverse Ombre is the one you should go for. It is elegant and easy to make. Use some curling machines below and then you are ready to rock the party.

Long Hair

Long hair reverse ombre has a classic look when someone makes it. Girls who have thick hairs are always looking to keep this hairstyle. A little bit of red touch of colour below the shoulders and somewhat blonde at the top is the main criteria for it.

Round Face

For those with round face and somewhat red-brownish hair colour should try this hairstyle. It adds a cute look when you go for this style.

Thick Hair

The uncombed hair with just making adjustments through hands and all wavy from neck to below, This thick hair reverse ombre is must try for girls with thick and wavy hairs.

Miley Cyrus

The famous singer Miley Cyrus having short hairs rocked this hairstyle. Just a slight wavy near the neck and its an elegant style for girls with short hairs.

Black To Red

Black on the top and red from the shoulders add a magnificent look for any girl. Forehead covering from hairs and completely silky hairs makes it one of the popular ones.

Honey Blonde Wavy

Whether its long or short honey blonde at the top and warm brown at the bottom is the hairstyle, you will be looking for. It is of low maintenance style; you just need to make the colour below darker than above.

Blonde To Dark Purple

From blonde to dark purple reverse ombre gives a stunning look you seek for yourself.

Back Straight

The long hair with highlighted at the bottom having less volume of hair can look beautiful in this hairstyle.

Thick Curles Purple Hair

Completly curls and hair with large volume with a wavy touch look wonderful.

Medium Tan

Medium Tan Reverse Ombre has always been mesmerising to viewers around you. It looks like a perfect match when you are going to a party.

Silky On Top Wavy On Bottom

Black and brown-haired girls should try this one. Straight from the top and little bit of curls on the bottom.

Blonde To Firey Coffee

Most people like coffee to drink when its cold. This hairstyle is one to try when its winter season.

Snakey On The Sides

Snakey looks on the sides with box braids and like Toblerone hills on the top. Its a unique hairstyle for little girls with less volume of hairs.

Up to Hips

With so long hairs to hips and a blonde tone and brown tone with waves like the ocean on the below.


Wanna look like a celebrity and feel like you’re walking on the premiers of some movies? This simple and sweet hairstyle like this makes people feel beautiful and confident.

Elegant Look

With red lipstick and ombre tone of hair, everyone will have an eye when you prepare yourself with it.

Middle Line Style

Hair split from middle and wearing a hair band in winter season looks cool.

Curls and Magnificent

This one looks so exotic; it would be a perfect hairstyle for a perfect date. It’s definitely worth a try.

Rosy Red

Fancy going to the parlour and want new looks for yourself? Try this Rosy Red Reverse Ombre and wait for people to compliment you because it is sure it will be on your way.

Brown To Black

Perfect with brown waves and with thick volumes of hair makes it look fashionable. And anything you wear you will be making people stare at you.

Little Purple With More Blonde

A blonde girl who have long hairs and wanna try something new, this one is a must if you wanna look lovely with the new hairstyle.

Elisha Cuthbert

The famous actor from The Girl Next Door movie who rocked this reverse ombre, with hairs, split from sideways and short hair is the perfect combination a guy is looking for his girl to look like.

Grey To Slight Blonde

Look like a Korean Pop singer with a side split hairs and waves all over your shoulder and arms. It looks awesome whoever tries this one.

Half Red Half Dark Purple

Long less volume at the bottom and hottie Red on the top makes you feel like you run the show. It adds confidence in you, and you will look flawless and elegant.

Three Colour Mixture

Mixing three colours on your hairs with some blonde some purple and some of the black. Waves are compulsory to make it look perfect. Dye the hair with the perfect combination for higher and better result.

Princess Reverse Ombre

Princess Reverse Ombre are the ones to make you look like a princess. Blonde and making headband braids with perfect curls at the bottom. You will surely rock the wedding session.

Jennifer Aniston

This type of reverse ombre was the one which was mostly used by the Famous Rachel Green from series FRIENDS. Long or short it is always spot on.

Blueish Blue

The famous Blue colour and a blonde touch on some parts of hair will rock whether its long hair or short hair. Its accurate for the fashion enthusiast to try for.

Curly Brown

Small Small curls, like a noodle. The brown shades of colour with more than 80% of the coverage of hair blended perfectly, will take you to another dimension on styling your hair.

Wooden Brown Ombre

Wooden-like colour and curls with short hair to shoulder. It suits on both long and short hairs too. It requires a little bit of time for preparing such a beautiful style.

Feather-Like Ombre

The blonde colour blended with brownish colour looking like a feather of some birds is a spot on style. Brownish from the shoulder with big curls.

Long Layers Long Curls And Waves

Having this kind of hair is a plus point. You can try any hairstyle due to the benefit of your hair.


Side Faced

Silver and black colour combination hair colour with side facing and a few box braids on sides of another side.

College Look

Just some casual comb and highlights of small quantity in the hairs outline and its ready.

Casual Home Looks

Have some ombre and wanna look beautiful at home without any effort? This one is perfect when you are at your home, and you are lazy to try other hairstyles.

Blonde To Burgundy Red

Fancy keeping Blonde and Burgundy red at the same time, its unique and spot on for everyone who passes by you. Just some casual Ombre with Burgundy Red on the bottom.

Red Head Reverse Ombre

Red Head girls are looked wonderful by the society and people where you work at or your colleges. Silky hairs covered with red colours and black at the bottom half and some lens on your eyes then you will look like a cute girl.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Hairstyle looks wonderful and attractive to everyone. People try it to achieve more like enlightening their life with their new looks.

Messy Blonde

Messy is good sometimes. Keeping your hair messy with some blonde and black will make everyone compliment you with your new looks.

Half Blonde-Half Red Head

This Hairstyle will be wonderful for a Halloween Party. Wearing a fancy dress and styling your hair like this will make you a showstopper in the Halloween party.

Completly Straight

Silky and completely straight hair with some light colours. And hairs split from the middle of the head.

Greyish Ombre

Somewhat like a Miley Cyrus Hairstyle. This hairstyle will suit in both long and short hairs with waves.

Auburn Hair

Auburn Hair is mostly of reddish brown. These hair colour shades range from light to dark. It is suitable for both long and short hair.

Britney’s Ombre

The famous Pop Artist Britney Spears had a hair similar like this in one of her music videos. Many were talking about how matching the colours and waves were for her.

Untouched Ombre

Untouched Ombre is getting trendy for a couple of years on. And it adds a bonus, i.e. it is easier to prepare and doesn’t take much of a time.

Multi-Layered Ombre

The ultimate hairstyle for any girl with long hairs that provides a casual look as well as easy in the movement of it. The layers of the hairs should be mixed with many colours.

Burgundy Red With Long V Cut Layers

Whether your hairs are short, medium or long key textures of colours and tones play a vital role to make you feel like a model. This one is the same in this scenario; this hairstyle delivers what you want to achieve.

Much Dimensional Hair

One of the best haircut for someone with thick wavy hairs is this one with a lot of dimensions on it. Highlights mixed with brownish doesn’t make it look flat.

Long Lengthed Spiral Curls At The Bottom

To attend some Premiers and shows, everyone with a camera will watch on you and take pictures and make you famous on how you look. This look will attract everyone’s eyes, and all the cameraman would be busy taking pictures of you.

Pinkish Blonde

The famous Pink colour of girls. They buy everything on pink and try pink clothes too. And dyeing the hair with pink is also a great idea to go for. Wearing a black leather top and pinkish blonde hairstyle is a perfect match for anyone who loves pink.

Thick With Huge Waves

Huge waves from the shoulders and the ombre style of colours worked perfectly in this style. A little bit of highlighted and it looks perfect all day long.

Rough Razor Cuts

Highlighting the hair with matching colours and cutting it in a rough style. No perfect edges and still it looks magnificent and eye-catching.

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Straight Less Layered Hair

Short layered haircuts are difficult to style. But when you have long layered hairstyle then styling it and dyeing the hairs with grey and blonde with straight silk hairs is a perfect match.

Reddish with Black

Long straight hairs and dyeing it with red on top and black on the bottom with parallel cuts. Just by looking from the back surrounding people might have their jaw’s dropped from this wonderful ombre.

Angels Ombre

Less volume hair but its long and wanna look like an angel down to earth, the perfect match is the Angles Ombre. It has Layers with fewer bangs.

Black And Brown Thick Hair

Brown and black hairs are the ones who don’t need more colours and are cheap to try too.

Light Pinkish Wave

Light Pinkish spiral waves with a blonde combination. Though this hairstyle doesn’t need more volume, it adds charm to the girl who has this kind of style.

Three Layered Mix

Blonde with black and blue, the three mixture of these colours with waves from shoulder and a few razor cuts looks wonderful.

Rope Alike Ombre

It looks ordinary and is not of high maintenance hairstyle. Thick waves from shoulder and layered colours add beauty to this.

Cute And Pretty

Being cute and pretty is all girls dream of. This hairstyle will make you look younger and cute too. Just wear a beautiful smile with it.

Reverse Ombre Brunette

Witch Look Like Style

Hairs so thin and completely straight up to hips and unparallel razor cuts at the bottom ends of the hair. This is also a Halloween type of style.

Wavy With Light Brown Waves

Light Brown waves with a little bit of layered and thick hair with fewer curls from the shoulders.

Burning Blonde Ombre

A burning touch on the bottom which also looks like feathers. It only has another colour where there are curls and where there are more waves.

Feathered Waves

Hair looks like feathers on the bottom and rough on the top. It suits on both long and short hairs with less volume.

Medium Length Bob

Making buns at the back and trying to look in a casual get up in the neighbourhood or some grocery shopping, this one is a spot on style and easier to prepare.

Pink Power

Little bit lookalike braids near the forehead end and all pink from the top and fading blonde. Like a strawberry, it looks sweet.

Silver Mixture With Three Colours

This ombre style suits for both long and short hairs. The hairs are combed sideways, and the curls are dyed of black colours. It is also a classic approach to styling.

Colour Tone Combo

Hairs like feathers of some beautiful birds, Coloured with warm nature. The mixture is a little bit different with black and blue mixed and gave a greyish tone.

Side Split With Curles From Shoulder

Long hairs near to hip. Curles like snakes from the shoulders and dyed with black colour tone.

Robotic Touch

Blush Coloured Red looks perfect when you try to look yourself like a robot. One eye covered with side facing hairs and all the others with round layers and front facing.

Coffee brown

The hairstyle which is most famous in Europe. European love this style. Little waves and its dyed in a beautiful colour.

Long Obvious Layers

Small curls with a continuous flow to the bottom.From Blonde to Blonde with layered style.

Half Khaleesi Style

The curls are thick having fewer waves. The blonde touch gives a look like Khaleesi from the famous series game of thrones. This style should also be on the list of girls who have such a hair type.

Straight Purple

Looks like a beard at the bottom but the purple and rough gesture adds the unique touch on this style.

Shiny Touch

So much shiny and looks spot on and elegant too. Girls with long faces will rock this style.

Broomy Blonde

Greyish and rough with uncombed hairs. It is cut unparalleled too.

Silver And Black

Short hairs with less volume and silvery colours and a little bit of black on the waves look brilliant and beautiful.

Ancient Style

With so much less hair and aluminium tone of hair colour, it looks like from a Roman Culture Style too.

Split From Middle And Sideways

The way the famous Tomb Raider looks like. With long perfectly straight hairs with blonde and black mixture of colour. This style explains the bold nature of the girl who does not fear anyone.

Hulk Green Ombre

The colour green adds the colour and nature both in this style. From light green to dark green a famous character like Shrek. With some waves and curls, this hairstyle will rock. Nobody will go unnoticed if she has this reverse ombre style.

Most of the hairstyles have their meaning and their approach to presentation. It’s the confidence in people that matters the most while preparing or changing new ombre and trying to look the best version of yourself in the mirror and in the eyes of someone you love and care about. Reverse Ombre is ruling the hairstyle market with its variant and vague. Many celebrities try Reverse Ombre style to look beautiful and bold and make a good image in the eyes of their fans. From thick hairs to fewer volume hairs, from short hairs to long hairs you can style yourself with what you want to look like. Hairstyle defines people and their nature too. It doesn’t hurt to be unique in your own ways and feels beautiful and prettier from outside and from your inner soul too.

With such more pictures and details of the styles which you found to be the inspiring one? So which style you are looking for from the above Reverse Ombre style, please do mention in the comment section below and let us know which one is popular among you and your friends.