126 Exotic rose gold hair colors that will blow your mind

Rose gold hair colors are undoubtedly going to set new peaks in the world of hair coloring. As most of the people these days are getting too much into socializing, to become the bubbliest social bird is a new trend that’s notably increasing among the teenagers and especially among the girls. Let it be Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tweeter, Tik-Tok or any other social media; they don’t want to leave a single chance to slay their looks anywhere and everywhere.

As of now, rose gold hair colors are setting new trends all over. It’s neither too dull nor too hued, with its pleasant appearance it’s even suitable for offices and colleges. Getting these cool hair colors is easy, you can give it a try at your place but managing them might get a bit tricky. Regular hair wash, oiling and hair treatments are very much needed for the positive results.

Now, as soon as we hear the word “rose” it reminds us of the pink color. Well, pink color undeniably has always been a girl’s best companion, it was and still is my favorite color, and I hope many of our readers as well are on my side! Now we are going to talk a lot about roses- the symbol of love & friendship and the various shades it can have. We will also come across prettiest of the prettiest Rose Gold Hair color to try. So strap in your seat belts and get ready cause the next 10 minutes is going to be one of the best 10 minutes of your life. Enjoy reading and make sure you pick yourself the worthiest color today itself!

Dark peach rose gold hair color

The peach color is the symbol of energy healing, good luck, and charm. The darker version of this color adds more enrichment to it, making the hair owner’s personality bolder and fearless. With this hair color on, shine as bright as gold!


The rosy shag cut

Many of you might wonder about how to get the rose gold hair color, don’t worry, pamper your hair as much as possible and you’ll conquer this shade with utmost delight. Pink is the color of love and affection, it’s a very romantic color and is even better if you have a shag haircut on with smokey ends as shown in the picture below:

Cotton candy curls

Dye your hair this year with this elegant color; cotton candy, a name worthy enough to describe all the sweetness it possesses!

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Barbie pink

Given below eye covering ‘dos are all you would want to dress in. The hair colors as well are as dreamy as they look.

Flaming rose gold hair

Silky and straight hair as this is everything a girl will have on her bucket list.

Dawn side waves

Not a single person would ever say that they have never wished to see sun rays of the dawn, but waking up too early just for a glance of it is a tedious job as one could say. How would that be if you color your hair like those bright rays? This hair color very much like an orangy-yellowish ray of the dawn is very captivating and alluring at the same time.

Creamy strands

Perfect hair, perfectly colored is endorsing the ideal hair texture! This hair dye pleases the waves better than any other color would ever be able to do.

Orange rose gold hair

Use the power of color to make your curls flatter your looks. The warmth of this color describes oneself as fresh, creative and adventurous. This color is more youthful as compared to other shades of orange.

Cantaloupe Rose

This color can be obtained with slight variation in orange color. This color is dramatic and alive. Are you to fix your hairstyle for a romantic date? You’ll make no mistake by choosing this color up!

Fire curls and waves

Dark color halfway accompanied by firey dye till the ends are exotic, especially when the edges aren’t dull.

Hued Rose Gold hair

Hue color is very playful and charismatic. The curly strands like flames have all the warmth one would crave for.

Messy curl  blush

This edgy yet wearable shag haircut has significant influence with blush hair color leaned on. Keeping the strands messy and frizzy balances this get up to a great extent.

Blonde rose gold hair

The given below neck lengthed and shoulder lengthed haircuts with blonde-rose color are genuinely mesmerizing. The silkiness is fantastic and yeah it’s not outweighing its natural charm in any way.

Blonde rose gold hair

The blend of rose petals delicacy with that of a blonde color is very buttery that nobody would like to waste.

Coral side parted shag

Side partitioning adds more dimension to a regular shag. The depicted color is coral which is one of the wowing variations of pink color.

Funky nut pink

This hairstyle by far is the dopest one. It is cheek lengthed and more appealing with golden highlights on the threads!

Candy bang

One wouldn’t ever get tired of complimenting the straight front bangs; they go well with ever hairdo. The hair color used here is divine, and a must try dye for everyone!

Sleek flow

This silky and shiny hairstyle is worth an appreciation. Lowlighting color is very wisely chosen, it’s not so bright nor so contrasting and hence is an ideal pick one would adopt.

Latte Rose Gold hair

When it comes to talking about the hair you dress, it’s not just about the hair but everything! You need to have the perfect texture, perfect length and finally the perfect color.

Candy saga

With this sweet candy color on, shower your world with spark and glitters!

Curls are love

Curls for every girl is her first love. The volume, curve, softness, and shine of curls are all a girl would ever desire for. Curls are lovely when highlighted with dyes such as the blonde or the peach as shown below:

Shades of love

Love comes in different colors and shades, so do this mesmerizing hair does. Displayed below is an excellent example of creativity one can execute on her hair. Smokey roots with a streaming hair accompanied by a mixture of colors; wow what a blend!

Frizz sepia hair dye

Annoyed by the frizzy hair? Find love in its frizziness by painting it with your favorite colors! If confused in picking up the colors then you can take help looking at the picture below:

Curly shag

Curls give all the delight we need. Length does matter when we talk about curls; the extended range is what is generally advised for the kinks, but if we have a glance at the image down, we’ll change our thinking for sure.

Blonde Rose gold hair

This blonde rose gold hair is just another illustration of divinity. The model effortlessly has carried her hair; the color utterly admires her overall look.

Glossy brown hair

The smoothness of this hairdo is everything that’s drawing my attention right now; I hope you all too feel the same. 

Mid parted gold shag

Mid parted hairstyles no matter how old but they still aren’t outdated. The model’s bright smile says it all.

Make your hair the reason behind your smile!

Peach rose gold hair

How about grabbing a cup of coffee tonight? Peach rose gold color- a very soothing and vibrant color, if you’re planning of a coffee date, then this dye isn’t a bad option.

Golden hairstyles

The more the gold, the better look it holds! Golden color looks outstanding with whatever hair type(say wavy, curly or straight)  you have.

Silky Rose hair

Soft as silk this ‘do is awesome when tucked behind the ears!

Pink-blonde combo

Combos never fail to impress you. Try it!

Creamy curls

It’s hard to say which type of curl is it, but we are happy with its appearance.


Messy hair

Messy hair, messy life, messy everything! Give this color a shot, and you’ll know how messily beautiful a mess can be.

Rose red hair

Covered eye with those curls though! A look worthwhile!

Peanut butter curls

This peanut butter color is stealing a lot of hearts out there. Waves thoroughly covering an eye; dazzling enough!

Flickers of strands

Girls love playing with their hair, playing for them is more likely adoring them and at times showing them off. And why wouldn’t anyone do that, I mean show off their enticing features! Treasuring these blessings is at the same time very important, so make sure you aren’t harsh to your hair. Pamper them, cuddle them and keep them safe.

Flick your hair up and make them more playful!

Tangerine shags

The orange color is the blend of two colors- red and yellow. It is the color of joy and creativity. Tangerine is the shade of orange color that looks very much like the hair color shown below. Now you know all about the exciting facts that orange color carries, so make a wise choice and make your hair color speak for you!


Shaggy blonde color

This side parted wavy shag is strikingly adding flavors to this hairstyle with the aid of purple patches on the scalp.

Wavy hairs

Do you ever think that you are grown up enough to play with your strands? If you think so then you must change your view regarding this, remember the girl you aren’t ever too old to play with your hair! Embrace your waves with your fingers and do not forget wearing that gorgeous smile of yours!

Sparkle gold hair

How fair is it to be happy without colors and sparkles in life? Not fair right? Sparkle your life with these fantastic colors!

Mushy straights

Straight, soft and candy-colored hair. Anything else you would like adding?


Ashy pink hair

Just like ashes, this hair color is smokey, blurry and satisfying. Embrace it with a quiet smile.

Rainbow colors

Rainbow has seven beautiful colors, remember the days when you would wait for the clouds to shower water and then for the sun to propel the sun rays just to have a look of the rainbow? Even today when we are grown up, nothing excites us much than watching the rainbow. How would that be if you make your hair a rainbow instead? Colorful and alive!


Halfway pink curls

Halfway pink curls have the idea of coloring the strands pink to the lower half. It’s a sweet blend of baby pink color and beautiful waves.

Cloudy hair dye

This hair color is a very likeable hair dye. Neither made it contrasting nor too simple; it floats somewhere in between them.

Crossed pull back

Pull back hairdos are very common among girls, but this one is something unique. Rather than tying it up or clipping it up, the dresser merely has crossed the sections taken from opposite sides.

Side rolls

Side rolls are so satisfying! It’s a casual look being embraced by its messy attire. If you want to try this hairdo, don’t forget to put on glasses! You will look swaggy!

Purple is vibrant!

The purple color is remarkable, surprising and eye-catching. It goes well with both curly hairs and straight hairs.

Mid part shag

What is the reason behind this bright smile? Well, this bright color to be honest!

Ribbon strands

Have you seen those beautiful ribbons that are being used in gift packaging? Doesn’t this hair remind of that?? Yes, to a great extent indeed!

Pink is love

World’s such a better place with pink color everywhere! You’ll for sure get many hearts for this color.

Wavy mid part hair

This densely waved mid-parted hair looks woven in an even pattern due to its thickness. The shade has perfectly accompanied the waves.

Shag haircuts

Shag haircut is known for being messy, frizzy and time-saving, it’s suitable for any juncture. With the aid of various hair dyes, you can flaunt your fashion everywhere. Have a look at some of the awesome choices you can make with your shaggy hair on.

Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are meant to be short lengthed. They are ever ready hairstyles that are very easy to manage and dress everywhere. Given below are few of the examples that depict bobs being enhanced by hair dyes.

Spill the color

Spilling color everywhere looks dirty, but when done correctly it can take as divine look as this.

Dutch pull back

Fantastic creativity has been done with this dyed straight hair. You can do it too! Pull your strands back, tie it with a rubber band, Dutch Braid a quarter of the hair length, again tie it with a rubber band, repeat braiding it and give it a decent finish tying it up with last rubber band. To make the braid more attractive make sure to weave it lose.


This bow knotted bun with multi highlighted color is magnetizing.

Half Bun

Half buns are really adorable and when its dyed pink then exceptionally for sure!

Multi thin braids

Thinly braid random sections of the head and tie them up with tiny rubber bands!

Bun with front flicks

The hair color of this model indeed matches her skin tone. Making a high bun is an excellent choice here as it enables showing sharp face features very quickly.

Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is so captivating with hued hair color, each layer has different shades of it and hence giving it a mesmerizing look. Braid it loose to give your hair more volume.

Two buns on the top

We all have made two ponytails and braids, but many few must have tried making two buns this way. To enhance your buns more, take out highlighted front bangs and bang your look.

Two half buns

Rather than putting in all the hair sections into the bun, try making semi bun and leave the rest strands to roll on your back. These half buns are as cute as muffins with those purple strokes on.

Flip your hair

With an adoring hair as such, everybody must have tried moving head sideways and must have played with hair. I have! If strands are soft, having them strike face is very heartwarming.

Loose dutch braid

Dutch braid your strands loosely!

Coral Rose gold hair

This heavenly color is worth an appraisal!

Curvy delights

Nothing in the world gives as much joy and satisfaction to a girl as her hair does. Styling hair with curls and waves has become very common these days, and it’s a trendsetting fashion by far. You can gain your grip over your look with few of the hair coloring ideas as having been illustrated beautifully in the pictures below:


Side waves

This brown side wave is terrific. Why always keeping your strands open? Give some simple variations like side pinning it, and there you have an angelic look!

Fishtail half pony

Fishtail braids are famous for their streamlined patterns. This image perfectly defines the mixture of fishtail braid with faded hair color; the sight is indeed very majestic!

Smokey brown hair

When you smile, do not forget to smile for a definite reason. A silky, chocolaty brown hair with such straightness, length and glow like that one below is heart-melting enough.

Bright orange

This color is also used in highlighter pen for highlighting the primary texts. This color would be appropriate for you if you also want to give your looks the priority.

Silky hair with Glittery eyes

As hair is the first attention-grabbing object, the next in the queue is the eyes. Eye make up helps well to enhance your eyes, and it’s a plus point if you can match your eye makeup color with that of the hair.

Outward waves

This hairstyle given below is by far the most unique genre of the wavy hair. Here waves are going outwards rather than bein inwards. The color here is again rose gold.

Disney Princess hair

This hair dye is very much similar to the Disney princess hair color with a modern touch in it. The model has lightened her look up with breathtaking eye work and makeup.


Apart from the hair colors we came through in the above section, we still have a number of magnificent ideas of hair coloring. Let us see them too:

So with these fantastic sassy Rose gold hair colors that we saw in this article, I hope you are now assured with which color to choose. Keep exploring, who knows what wonders you’ll meet with tomorrow! As I had given the surety that this 10 minutes will be the best of 10minutes of your life, I believe my words have not left you disappointed. So guys, please do leave your comments and feedbacks in the comment section below. We will be back with more stupendous articles soon!