68 Stylish Shag Haircut That Will Turn Your Head

Shag haircut is the coolest haircut one can have. As beauty sees no age, this hairstyle suits girls and women of all ages. This hairdo goes well with any type of hair irrespective of its length, color, density, and texture. Shag haircuts are the most chosen ones these days; it requires not much care, attention and time. Shag haircut is the hairstyle that could never be changed by any other hairstyle. Shag cuts aren’t getting outdated with the passing time but indeed are becoming more of a trend with new variations in it. With shags, you can be feminine, extravagant, stylish and yeah whatever you want!

On the assumption that you desire to look bubbliest among your circle, this article will give you 68 of the most persuasive reasons why you should try shags. After going through each of them, I am sure you are going to fall in love with your idea of going shaggy. So let us discover how different and unique you can be with these haircuts!

Front bang shag haircutshag-haircut

Having a hair that is thin, isn’t any curse, you just got to give it extra pamper and love. This haircut with front bangs doesn’t fail in offering you a very classy and modern look; it’s face-framing, timeless and super sweet. This hairdo is suitable wherever you go and whoever you go with. With this haircut, you can be carefree enough to lock your look!  Adding stunning shades would help you do great with this look!

Bi-colored shag haircut

The model in the above laid out picture looks fantastic with her bright smile and her bi-colored hair. This haircut is a neck length haircut that is awe-inspiring when accompanied by wavy ends. It is easy to care and hence needs low maintenance on a regular basis.

Layered blonde shag

The most fanciful thing about shag hairstyle is, of course, its low maintenance requirements but apart from that, it never messes up with your looks. Here we can see a layered haircut with sleek blonde hair strands that looks very familiar to that of any funky emo cut. So are you also among those who love blonde? I do for sure. And if you too then make this hairstyle your signature look! For more enhancement tie around chokers, pendants and exciting neck pieces; you’ll inevitably bang your look!

Messy Bob cut

The more natural, the more better! Bob cut is a short shag haircut typically for boys, that goes well in the girls’ part too. It’s messy, bold, sassy and classy at the same time.

Mid parted waves

Mid partitioning and bringing the hair forward is a casual hairdo we always carry out, especially when we are running out of time. This hairstyle might be familiar but is not any lesser than other hairstyles; it is equivalently appreciated and admired everywhere you decide to wear it up!

Frizzy hair with front bang

Sometimes frizzed hairs are cute too! Don’t trust me? Well peek at the above picture and know it yourself! Add more cuteness to it with front bangs!

Messy layers with front bang

Who would thought being messy can be so adorable? I trusted only after watching this beautiful lady with her bright smile on. If we talk about front bangs in particular, they go well with any length of hair: short, medium and long. When it comes to messy hair with layers, bringing out front bangs is effortlessly smooth.

A-line Bob

This hairstyle gets kind of tricky when you choose to go inclined rather than going sloppy. If you overdo this hairdo, you surely are going to mess with your hair making it more freezy and stubborn than ever. Invent your own signature hairstyle; color both your lips and hair edges with the same highlighter and make it more devastating than your previous looks.

Golden front bangs

This neck length hairstyle looks even more relaxed with front bangs. Front bangs are indeed very cool, they go well with your day to day hair and make your boring hairstyle much outgoing and exciting. When it comes to deciding which color to pick up for your hair, choosing golden will do great on its part. Golden color much likely to a real gold is glittery and shiny, and it gives your hair more luster.

Honey blonde laser cut

It requires a well experienced and a professional hairdresser for you to get this haircut. Once you decide to have it, there’s no point going back! In the first place, you will not have any reasons to regret after having this haircut, and secondly, it’s fantastic in giving the whole dimension to your hair. On the top, honey blonde is a super sweet color loved by almost all so if you like this hairstyle then don’t hesitate to pick both the haircut as well as the color. You’ll be remarkably impressed!

Side part shag

Going natural means embracing everything about yourself from top to toe. This side parted shag is cool, classy and glamorous and it never goes out of trend. Perfect for all face types, this hairstyle is mostly chosen by people due to its low maintenance requirements.

Wavy mid part shag

If you have a hair that is silky, soft and medium lengthed, then you have more shots to fashion it, undoubtedly in different ways you want according to the events you are going to attend. Waves at the bottom are very delightful and satisfying. Smack your day with this hairstyle; you won’t be unimpressed by the end of the day!

Wavy shoulder length shag haircut

Your shoulder length hair is something that leaves you with a lot of room for creativity. So before chopping your hair off think twice! Strands of this length are super fantastic and crazy; you can experiment a lot of variations on them.

Wavy shoulder length shag with bangs

How about choosing this hairstyle? It’s super adorable and bold at the same time. Front bangs overload this hairstyle with all the cuteness in the world.

Asymmetric blonde Bob 

Part your hair dramatically from mid or side and there you get this smashing look!

Step Bob cut with front bangs

How often do you cut your straight, silky hair? If not so frequently, give it a step bob cut all at once with front bangs. It’s incredible, and it will provide you the looks more like that of a professional woman than that of the casual one.

Fluffy mid part shag

Who could ever imagine looking this charming and delightful with just a stroke of stands being parted? Now even if you have thin strands, try giving it volume and make it fluffy to enhance your look even more.

Layered zigzag parted shag

How captivating can you make yourself with this zigzagged hairstyle?  You won’t believe but a lot! This haircut doesn’t only give pleasant looks but a great comfort to you, the one carrying up the hair. Just move your hand over your scalp and merely side it apart in a crinkled manner and there you get this fantastic hairdo.

Choppy silver Bob

This bleached silver colored hair is a dream come true for silver and blonde lovers because this color lies somewhere in between those two colors. This choppy hairdo is face framing and an ideal chic look!

Fluffy waves

Thin or thick, every hair type needs some or other tricks to make it look even more voluminous. You can use hairsprays for achieving such a ‘do. Keep it natural, and it will seem prettier on you!

Black Emo cut

This shag haircut gives a hint of the emo haircut that is rocking and stylish.

Thin hair spines 

This shag haircut looks more like leaves of a pine tree; shiny, pointed and long. This is a modern haircut and is devastatingly spreading among teenagers. Bringing out front bangs brings out a beautiful side of this hairdo.

Sleek side parted shag

Silky hair with a different highlighter is vibrant, especially when the highlighting color is maroon. The model above slays her look by matching her lip color with the hair highlighting color; it’s, in fact, a great way as it is more eye catchy and attention-grabbing and hence you can try this out too!

Golden step shag

Even if your strands are unusually thin, you can still look classy with this haircut on. Step cut gives a denser look to your hair and is fantastic even when not combed or applied any cream or hairspray.

Baby curls

Baby curls were, are and will always be the chicest hair type any girl would ever want. Curls are bouncy, voluminous and very attractive; everybody would love playing with your baby curls. The haircut we are talking about is a neck lengthed haircut that is very delightful in appearance; more texture can be added to this ‘do by bringing ahead the head bangs.

Face covering shag

Not everybody likes carrying long thick hair due to extra care and effort needed for its maintenance. Well, don’t worry if you too fall under the same category. We have rocking shag haircuts for you and the above shown is an example of such a hairstyle you would lock your choice with! It is face-covering, parse and so comfy!

Curly bangs with down curls

This hairstyle gives an appearance much like that of old modern heroines who played roles in retro movies. Starting up with curls until the end! Wow! We are undoubtedly going to be the first ones to admit that head bangs are merely adorable with curls on. Let us now know the type of faces it will suit perfectly on: it is satisfying for the elongated and small cute faces.

Side parted wavy shag

A messy look is perfect for any party event and programs. A great hairstyle doesn’t only come from hard work; it sometimes comes from smart work too. If you have a glance at the above picture as many times as you want, you’ll realize how easy is to get this look. A hair bit wavy, an eye catchy color strands, moving the fingers in between the strands and dah! There you are.

Silky blonde shag

Shag haircut is even prettier when you have a silky hair texture. Silky and shiny hair types catch everyone’s attention at first so yes, if you want to opt for this hairstyle, then you will for sure look amazing. Don’t forget putting on neck pieces in case you have neck lengthed hair!

Butter blonde swoop side bangs

Who doesn’t like extra butter on bread? Everybody does! When it’s about picking a hair color butter blonde will awe you same as the extra butter over your bread does!

Black-brown shag hairdo

Colors, when combined with other colors in a proper proportion, give birth to new beautiful colors. Black color, when combined with brown wash, offers one of the exciting and natural looking colors.

Brown neck shag

Silky brown hair; a hair that is delightful enough to the eyes! Keeping the length short, long or in between of course varies from person to person according to their comfort zone but regular shag haircut is the one that is usually short. Rather than keeping shags that cover the face, it is sometimes better to think out of the box and just tuck in one side of the air behind the ear.

Multicolored shag haircut

A prominent hairstyle with spectacular hued color that doesn’t fail to amaze anyone. Owning hued strands depicts ones’ personality, colorful hairs are usually chosen by fun-loving and daring people who along with their hair do not hesitate to color their lives with different colors.

Cute pixie hairdo

From being active to messy, this haircut proves the versatility of pixie hairdos. This neck lengthed haircut is much more striking when worn by a woman having a sassy personality, same as depicted in the picture above.

Velvety blonde shag

The very first thing that every guy notices in a girl is her hair and the eyes afterward. Embracing your eyes with eyeliner on gives your look more attention than any usual days and having an updo that is velvety soft is cherry on the cake.

Electrifying shag haircut

Choppy yet sensational! This hairdo goes perfectly on anyone sensual enough to grab one’s attention. It’s short, classy, lively and glamorous!

Fuzzy chocolaty shag

A hairstyle worthy enough to let go your long hair off! The end of this haircut is what adds more dimensions to this hairstyle and gives the person wearing it a chocolaty presence! Its good length is what lets the beauty bones exclusively flourish one’s beauty.

Light brown hairdo with front bang

This brown hair color is yet another hair color that’s very common among the mass. Even after being so general, its universality brings much uniqueness to the personality of the holder due to its resemblance to divine furnish. This hairstyle is also wowing when escorted by classy and translucent front bangs.

Side parted blonde hairdo

Blonde is beautiful! A shoulder lengthed hair that is blonde but whose roots are cloudy is what gives a perfect texture to this ‘do.

Halfway brown waves

A wavy hair that opts the combination of two classy and overwhelming colors- brown and blonde! This ‘do is messy yet beautiful; this get up encourages oneself to embrace her messy hair.

Maroon flicks

Turn your gaze towards this hairstyle if you are bored with your regular hair design. Maroon, one of the most dazzling shades of red color is the sign of passion, desire, and willpower. Colors reflect a lot about our personality and hence do not forget to choose your colors wisely!

Short Blonde shag

When you talk about beauty, age plays no role in it. Age? Ah well! That’s just a number my darling! Flaunt your charm with this hairstyle even in your mid-fifties; it will only add more flavor to your charismatic look.

Let it flaunt!

Let it flaunt with your wavy ends! A dream is coming live kind of hair dress for any girl!

Butter blonde hair

This is an absolute amazing ‘do that’s easy and casual at the same time. I am already loving front bangs going well with each shag haircut, hope you do too!

Layered side swoop bob

Very few people get a hair as graceful as this! The mere specialty about this bob haircut is its whirl and of course the color that’s as sweet as any candy. The ear partitions the hair into two sections where the first section is bit face framing and the rest part makes the look much more alluring.

Caramel bob cut

Symbolizing this hair color with that of caramel couldn’t have been worthy enough! Much like that of caramel, this hairstyle followed by this fresh color looks sweet and tempting. Caramel bob cut, as can be seen, is a very stylish and an event-ready haircut that up to some extent covers the face but that covering is not due to any shortcomings. It’s for enhancing the look in the most exceptional way possible.

Grayish tresses

Shoulder ranged hairs are the best among any ranges of hair. These can be left over to roll on the back or otherwise tied into ponies or braids. This haircut is layered with each layer having a distinguishing feature.

Side parted shag haircut

This hairstyle might not be an award-winning hairstyle but its heart winning for sure! Let one side of your hair sweep over your face and another part tucked behind the ear.

Cheek length haircut

Bright and shiny highlights are what you can use to make your hair look even more gorgeous and adorable. This shag haircut is cheek lengthed and much like that of any other boys’ hairstyles. This length is somewhat unusual for girls because it’s not easy to let your length chopped off all at once.

Short silver shag

If you haven’t gone silver yet, it’s the chance you do it with your shag haircut on! Make sure you pamper your hair with all the aids possible!

White shag ‘do

With this hairstyle on, you know how to flatter even in your mid-fifties. Bangs add youth, and they can lift up any hairstyle you own.

Rolls on

If you haven’t gifted yourself these pretty rolls yet, it’s high time you do.

Mid part hairdo

Medium ranged hair need not be braided or tied onto ponytails to look fantastic. They look gorgeous even when you let it flow down. With mid separation, you give an even justice to both your sides.

Silkier than silk

Can you think of something that’s silkier than silk? You might not find it literally, but the above-shown picture will give you much visualization of the same.

Showering the curls

Does not looking at this make you feel like she’s been showered with blessings of curls? Oh yes! And you won’t deny admitting that her hairdresser has given full justice to this hair texture with an impeccable chop.

Pink is radiant

The blend of two complementary colors pink and silver is a perfect choice you can make. As bangs go well with every hairstyle, so is this hairdo proving the fact.

Brownish blonde shag

Not bangs in particular but these forehead covering mid part strands are alluring and worth a pay!

Chocolate Brown shag cut

Keeping your tail thinner than the upper portion is the new variation we have seen so far, and there’s no doubt stating that this haircut indeed is a show-stealing hairstyle.

Chin length shag haircut

This chin lengthed, layered hairdo is exceptionally adorable. The layers give more dimension and texture to the hairstyle making it an enticing piece of art!

Waves with side bangs

A much-needed benchmark for an outstanding shag haircut is to make sure that the ends are not evenly chopped. This wavy hairdo with side bangs is wowing, and its shine is what makes it stand different from the crowd.

Messy is life

Being a mess these days have become a favorite element that’s going viral at the highest speed possible. Who would love straightening things out after knowing how messily beautiful life can be with messy hair? Nobody would say I am sure! Messily messy is a new theory, and people are already in so much love with it.

Crimson red with dark ends

Simpson red is a contrasting color. This haircut with feather end chops is terrific, and the natural dark black ends are what beautify this haircut even more.

Black is the new black

No color can ever replace black color. It is the most natural hair color everyone dies for! Side sweep your bangs, and there you go, stunning and beautiful from others.

Blonde curly waves

Beautiful by chance, messy by choice! Looking at this picture would let anybody utter these words out. No one would hesitate in affirming that. This hairdo with waves at the end is like a waterfall, simple, quiet and yet bold!

Blonde is beautiful

This blonde colored shag haircut is undoubtedly going to be everyone’s favorite after watching how lavish they can look being simpler. Make this hairstyle your signature hairstyle today itself!

Golden shag haircut

Lastly, a perfect haircut for the proper closing of the article! Make yourself look sassier with this hairdo on and drop your views and comments about this hairstyle in the comment box below.


Now I hope this article had you have plenty of choices to make before you go short. Make any of the above-considered haircuts your trademark so that even if people don’t remember you by your name or face, they’ll always remember you by the hairstyle you once chased!