120 Exquisite Shoulder Length Hair To Try Out In 2019

If you get stuck choosing between a short, blunt and daring haircut and a long, flowing curls, then we’ve got something for you. Shoulder length hair is a great style that can be your new inspiration. They are neither too short, nor too long. When we talk of perfect hairstyles, we are actually talking about shoulder length hair. Although they were in this fashion world for a long time, they have become viral just now. , Dating back to the 16-17th century, they were coveted by many as their one and only hairstyle. Shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair and medium length hairstyles for thick hair are the two most searched for variations of this design. They fit in any occasions, from parties to official meeting. Even though they are seemingly ordinary, they have incredible power regarding enchanting people.

Shoulder length haircut is simple yet effective. Despite not having long and flowing hair, you can get a cool look with this style. Using some trickery and techniques, you can look evergreen. We suggest you try one of these mesmerizing hairdos if you want to turn heads of thousands towards you. Many celebrities and fashion icons have already opted for this awesome design. Therefore, now it’s your turn. This wrongly dismissed style, which is a transition style between a bob and loses curl has come back to life again. This time, with a bang. So without any laggy talk and crazy ideas, we are heading to our focused topic. Get ready to sink in this ocean of selected exemplary pictures of models in shoulder length haircut.

Stunning beauty

Her pure blonde hair running down to the shoulder is magnanimous. We adore such bold and fearless look. Shoulder length hairdos are quite flawless in this style, aren’t they?

Ravishing texture

This mixture is what we call ravishing texture. This model’s textured hair is nothing less than an angel’s tress. We fell in love just after we had our glance on them.

Smooth Asian style

Asians are fond of shoulder-length hair. We also admire this kind of braveness to try some new out-of-the-current-fashion style. She looks Korean than Japanese from her hair color.

Braids redefined

Gone are the days when silky braids used to be side swept. These types of some shoulder length hair with rough texture is absolutely stunning. This look is a classic example of shoulder length haircuts for thick hair.

Bang hair + bob cut element

We are so proud of her eloquent hairstyle that we have decided to copy her hairstyle. This lady’s classic bob cut is great. Therefore they are rightly called shoulder length hairstyles with bangs.

Dark roots + balayage blonde

See those stunning dark roots from which those tapered light caramel strands grow out? This cutie is already so erotic and hot that these hairstyles add only a little bit of sensualness to her style.

Barbie doll

Her soft strawberry hair reminds me of that Barbie doll which I used to play when I was a kid. Nevermind if you played with Annabelle or Rapunzel. Shoulder length hairstyles with bangs are genuine and authentic.

Gorgeous black-haired lady

This model’s stunning beauty and magnificent face can’t be described. They can just be looked and behold with joy. Her hidden cleavage adds curiosity to our desires. Nobody in this world would hate this absolutely coveted girl. She gave us a great example of shoulder length hairstyle with long layers.

Glamorous style

Red carpet looks have always been on the mind and soul of every teen and bachelorette. This lady’s pink lip and glowing black eyelashes lure every alpha male that is roaming out on cities of New York and Las Vegas with pick up lines and routines. Don’t fall for those cheap tricks, my ladies.

Innocent face cutie pie

Every time we look into her eyes, like ours, we get flat. Her banged hair is exquisite to the extreme. She has mastered some art of shoulder length hairdos. We have to give us that no-nonsense standing ovation she deserves.

Stunning + enticing straight caramel color

Her shoulder length hair straight is out-of-this-world. We adore her fearless attitude and that beautiful face for alluring us into a pool of erotica.

Eyes covered A-1 look

Cute nose is always noticeable. We were already in love with her warm smile. And now due to those caramel plus ombre hair, we have lost our mind. Therefore, never miss out on this bold hairstyle when going to a party or a prom.

Angel on earth

Angels are very rarely seen on our planet. They have a special purpose for landing on this earth. Helping the needy, supporting the isolated and fulfilling desires of that male who are very deserving are some reasons for their rebirth on earth. This cute angel seems to have come here to meet her better half. We can’t help our smile looking at her shoulder length haircuts for thick hair.

Cat smile

If I am not wrong, this lady very much resembles that world-famous cat lady who did so much plastic surgery that later she wasn’t like the one on whom surgery was done. Anyway, her cool shoulder length straight hair is stunning, glorious and glamorous.

Dark chocolate fantasy

Everbody has their own fantasy world. Some have made that world full of creams, some have made that with full of chocolates. This brunette is among the latter population of people. I like her and praise that ingenuity.

Hot chick view

She is a hot, sensual chick. There is not half ounce doubt in that statement. As a result, we love her like we love those stars twinkling in some black sky. She gave us a perfect example of shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair.

Sweet teen’s look

Everybody has a teen fetish. No one can deny that. This cute teen with little messy but sharp hair has awakened that pressed fetish. Thanks to her, we now can work towards our goal. Hands are down after looking at her shoulder length hair with bangs.

Asian attitude

In contrast to most Asians, this so-called ‘hottie’ has some ego in her. We hate to say that, but her shoulder length hair with long layers are the only thing that mesmerizes us.


Diva’s choice

This erotic chick’s red lips and appealing eyes make us flat in an instant. Moreover, we already know that shoulder length hair is both stylish as well as functional. Thus, striking a perfect balance is never a problem for these red carpet ladies.

Silky, straight style

Straight styles are strikingly stunning. They are shiny, smooth and soothing. We love such stunning shoulder length hairdos that once ruled this world. Mark my words, none will talk about other things than about your phone number for some coming party if you go like this.

Old but gold

There is no time to mention that age is a mere a number when it comes to shoulder length hair. This model in her forties is rocking her interview with that soft and silky shoulder length haircut with bangs.

Piercing blue eyes

Rightly said is that blue eyes are hypnotizing. They can be so enticing that even God may come down on earth and make love with you, disguising as your boyfriend or husband. So be careful, because that will hamper your image rather than making you a Goddess. You can ask Ahilya about this in Hindu epic poem Ramayana.

His choice

It looks like this amazing style is one of some most coveted style. We love this wholeheartedly. It seems her boyfriend has asked her to try this hot hairdo so that he can make fun with his girlfriend.

Loose silky curls

Shoulder length hair is very much popular nowadays. This glowing lady has a wonderful smile that is only found on one among four million.

See my diamond earring

This blonde is saying that you need to see her newly bought earring that cost a million dollars. Furthermore, her hazel eyes steal our heart in no time.

Sunglass is my friend

We all know how much women love sunglasses. This brunette has made it all clear. We like her to death. In addition to her boldness, those tight outfits bring out our hidden fetishes into reality.

Cool as ice

This cutie is a brilliant example of how a teen can attract alpha males. That is why we love teens and their awesome shoulder length hair. Teens have such exquisite talk that they charm us instantly.

Supported buns

Ever thought how could one make a bun? See this; it is an artistic variation of common bun where extra hair has been used to make it stick to the head.

Infront of those media

When you have to confront that naughty media, we suggest you try this look. Use some glossy red lipstick and give yourself a bob cut. This way, the media will be stunned, and you will come on the next day’s front cover. Isn’t that great?

Sweet as honey

Her incentive is clear. This model is sweet as honey and sublime a Lionel Mess’s freekick. Most football fans can relate to this idea.

Short and sweet

That short, ravishing shoulder length hair is heart throbbing. Let’s not underestimate this gorgeous lady’s mind-blowing look. You can copy this hairstyle for your next party or prom or even 0fficial meetings.

Caramel chocolate design

Nobody can even think of disdaining this kind of fearless and naughty shoulder length haircut with bangs. We praise those amazing tresses wholeheartedly and genuinely.

Messy + flowing like river shoulder length hair for women

For every occasion, from prom to social gathering, we suggest you try this enticing and striking style. For your information, we would like to tell you that this has gone viral in 2018. Go out in this brilliant design and rock the whole world.

A bright set of teeth

Although her hair is not so silky and smooth, this lady’s bright teeth are what melt male’s hearts. We are fond of those shiny, glowing teeth. I hope I get her cell phone number as fast as possible.

Dimple queen + burning desire

You may already know how much a cute dimple adds to your glory. Here we can see that delightful dimple making this gorgeous brunette even more classic and authentic. This magic is an incredible example of shoulder length hairdos. We have to pay hats off to her.

Flowing in some windy season

Absolute beauties are always striking. They have more than enough feminine power to allure any alpha male and melt his so-called ‘hard’ heart. Her glossy lips and sexy smile are killers.

Ombre highlights + balayage blonde

Natural hair doesn’t look much different than this style. This style is what we say the magic of Balayage blonde. As a consequence, they can make your hair natural and effortless like they were initially when you were a child.

Hot chick + appealing style

Shoulder length haircut with bangs can’t have a better model than this. This model’s suggesting eyes, cute pointed nose, and glossy lips are heavenly. Who knows if she was sent by God, to disturb some great Sage’s hard penance and stop him from gaining Godliness.

Fishtail braids’ garland

Garland doesn’t need to be on your neck; you can make garland on back of your hair too. Plus, when you have textured balayage blonde, no one can stop you from reaching that desired red carpet. Shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair is no less than divine. I am a big fan of this stunning chick.

Glamorous look

Although she is petite, she is spellbinding. Petite models are unique in their own sense. Her pink lips and black eyelashes make you fall out of your bed when you are dreaming. We love them as we love pasta and pizza. A great example of shoulder length hair with layers.

Angled view

Just one angle isn’t enough to showcase your enticing beauty. We strongly recommend you that you get a professional photographer and ask him/her to take your picture form many angles. As a consequence, you have the freedom to choose that special picture from a pool of thousand.

Long and flowing

If you think that shoulder length hairstyle is a blunt one, then you are entirely wrong. To be honest, those so-called ‘ultra-modern’ crew cut looks blunt and odd in women’ s hair. Give it a good shot and never regret even once in your lifetime.

For women over 40 and 50

Despite being popular among teens and young girls, light shoulder length hair is equally suitable for older age groups too. You can see that this 40 plus mam is killing us with her impeccable fashion sense and that golden blonde shoulder length hair.

You can try the below exquisite hairdos too.

Redhead origin

Glorious mam

Sparkling eyes

Shoulder length hair with layers

Rachel McAdam’s gala style

Kim Kardashian’s bouncy hips

Textured noodle-like hair

Insane celebrity crush

Her high top bun is mercuric. We would want to caress and play with this amazing hair if possible. It is best to be inspired by a diva when you are thinking of having cool shoulder length hairdos. We are crazy about this simple shoulder length hair.

Emma Stone, our second crush

As you have guessed possibly, out first and foremost crush is Emma Watson. But we can’t deny the fact that Emma Stone ranks among the top celebrity crushes of the contemporary generation.

Old blurred look

Don’t blame her for providing us with a blurred image of some shoulder length hair. We accuse her photographer in case of this accidental or intentional style. Thick lady has such thick lips and hazel eyes that people get dumbstruck after looking at her image.

Soft as fur, cute as a cat

It can’t be described or explained. Her glorious outfit which arouses every man’s desire is out of this world. Therefore, shoulder length hair is a no-nonsense hairdo that doesn’t stop being trending.

Celebrity sense

Look at this wonderful sense of celebrity which has left us speechless. Never mind my exaggerated words, you can give your own description and praise.

We are proud that she has made this innovative and creative hairstyle. No one can make better shoulder length hair with long layers.

Most desirable girl

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that she is one of some most desirable and coveted lady all over the world. Therefore, I would say copy this hairstyle without any thinking. Her dark red lipstick and nose piercing are heart throbbing.

Let us look at some greater than yourself type of hairstyles.

Dashing as always

Rihanna was an icon since we got to listen to her heartwarming songs. That black hair is exquisite and ravishing. Never lose hope and pray that one day, your stylist will give you this amazing haircut.

Look at some other insane shoulder length hair which is being an overnight success.

Soft bangs + loose curls

Plum colored braids + revolving style

Cute pseudo bob + red highlight

Afro-American style + pop choice

Cuteness overloaded shoulder length hair

Platinum mood + shoulder length hairdos

Bollywood inspiration

Those black tresses are purely astonishing. Furthermore, we love that red lipstick on her hair.

Double dimple + golden caramel style

Blue piercing eyes

Despite her young age, we love how those blue eyes strike our hearts.

Men’s choice

Don’t doubt this man; he is a straight one. Shoulder length hair is as popular among men as it is with women.

Red carpet look

Give yourself a break from your office time and praise these wonderful and brilliant hairdos.

Go through these out-of-the-box styles one by one and write down your ideas in comment’s box.

Powerful attitude + silky bangs


Forehead braids + caramel effect

Contagious smile

Dark lipstick

Old age look + shoulder length hair

Platinum parallax effect

Chubby look

Naughty expression

Her expression is so naughty and appealing that we can’t resist being sexually aroused. We love that kinky appeal.

Shine bright like a diamond

This title is very relevant in context to her smile and shine. She is glowing, to say the least. Its an exquisite model of shoulder length hairstyles.

Permed hairstyle + special shoulder length hair

Cute Shailene Woodley

Some great celebrity choice for shoulder length haircuts 2018

You can look at these and try them out.

Caramel blonde highlights

You are sure to rock your next party on these styles.

Sensational look

What more can you say about these stunning and glorious hairstyles?

Divine look

We are fond of this model’s glazing glare and glossy red lips.

Some similar heavenly looks are down below for you.

Sunlight reflection

When sun kisses your shoulder length hair, they shine seamlessly.

Take a glance at these other natural styles too.

Our lovely Emilia

Regarded by many as the hottest woman alive, she is unique and attractive.

See other similar pictures too.

Flowing curls

Platinum choices

Glowing and powerful face

Marvelous beauty

As you have already seen in her infinity war, we don’t need to describe her sensational beauty. Other stunning girls are seen down below.

Brunette’s choice

Brunettes are better at making choices, aren’t they?

Shoulder length hair of Egyptian princess

Black bun on top

Appealing look

Extra Glamour

Simple yet effective looks

Dark roots + caramel highlights

Cute Miss Gomez

Natural teen choices

Chubby’s inspirations

Green eyed queen

We are absolutely enchanted, aren’t we? Have a look at some similar styles.

Dazzling and gorgeous chick

She is so gorgeous that we can only imagine other models being like her. Those perfect eyes in green color kill us.

Asian desire

You know, Asians also desire to have clear shoulder length hair. You may want to try this too for your next vacation.


We conclude this blog with a suggestion for you. Never fear to try a new hairdo just because of other’s opinion. Shoulder length hair never let you down and will be there for you always. You can wear them in any case, on any occasion.

Have a great day and goodbye!

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