89 Fabulous Side Braids That You Would Want To Try Right Now

Women are generally very selective about their hairstyles. They try numerous types of hairstyles form updo to buns to a ponytail, wondering in front of the mirror which one suits them the most and gives them like a princess-like-look. Side braids are a lovely style of braiding your long hair that rolls over your shoulder. They give your either-sided bang of hair a romantic, cute alongside a messy look too.

Side braiding can be of various types, a basic one, or variants like French, 4-strand braid or Dutch. All look lovely if pulled off beautifully and at one same time, can be made very quickly and with some minimum of efforts. They are, maybe the easiest of all hairstyling technique, so all easy side braids ready for you! For your inspiration on how to make your next side braid more elegant and stylish, we have a large variety of pictures of side braided hairstyles. Take a look at these 89 side braids that you would want your hair to look.

1. The rolled braid


This one is a side braid rolled at the end to make a bun. This brownie with that shining earring in this hairstyle looks gorgeous with this rolled side braid. Doesn’t this hot chick look like Disney Princess?

2. African side braids

Her side braid seems like roses in bushes. Messy but braided to the scalp on one side. The hair rolls on various places make her look even more incredible. Perfect example for black hair side braids.

3.Multi-locked braid

This one is a tight side braid. This girl has made her hair like a sewed-edible ball that is ready to be eaten. Her neck-tattoo and unique necklace with the hairstyle make a perfect combination

4. Blonde large design

This blonde has made large side braids which roll over her shoulder. Her twinkling earring matches her elegant looks and the eye luring braid. Side braids like this can make you look like you are ready to come on a red carpet.

5. Rolled with towel

If you are a tennis player and also don’t want to give up this beautiful hairstyle, you should roll your braids with a towel as she did. No swinging braids while playing! What an idea!

6. Thin double braids

With this sexy outfit, your long Rapunzel hair can get an equally sexy look with thin braids. Get ready for this look if someone calls you for a bachelor party.

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7. Fish and snake design

These snake-like twisting shape has made this blonde more eloquent with her fashion ideas through her hair. The side braids in the middle, although look hid but are the real beauty.

8. Egyptian Princess

Just wow! How did she manage to pull such a hairstyle with a crown braid in the top and a rope braid along the long brown hair? Not less than a Rapunzel indeed.

9. Messy and naive

Simple but effective. Loose and sloppy but gorgeous. Actually, this braid is in the bottom of her hair and then tied up in the end. Her green gems in the necklace indeed seem like welcoming the braid.

10. Tight design

Look at her large hair bangs on the right side. The braid is a tiny line on the left therefore clearly making her more stylish and cute. A black coat lady with sided braids, wow.

11. Hidden and cute

Braids nowhere to be seen, until you look at her left chest, small messy braid, somewhat like an insect. Braids to end the long hair flowing down. Furthermore, the earring, if you focus, seems like a fidget spinner, right in the midst of the bushes of hair.

12. Rise and shine

Shailene Woodley, has a side braid rising from the middle of her forehead to the back, shining like the rays of sun fall upon them. She looks wonderful as always with this neat braid ending with a bun.

13. Whole hair braid

Beauty with her platinum hair stranded into lovely thick braids down her shoulder. Moreover, you can even see a small tail leaving down from the end of the twist. These vast braids are a must for delightful and fabulous readers like her once in a life.

14. Romantic style

Her braid looks like a hair comb locked at the back of the head. The strands come from front to the back with such beauty that as an effect, anyone who sees her from behind is imagining a princess at the front.

15. Fish-scale look

Here we see the whole hair is braided loosely but mesmerizing to behold. Very suitable for your wedding or event. Besides, it is reminiscent of medieval times.

16. Blonde princess braid

The sandy hair of this light ash blonde is beautifully braided on the right side with the end disappearing nowhere. Therefore, sexy outfit, sexy hair.

17. Natural loose braid

With several hairstyling types mixed in a single hair, this princess has a tornado-braid at the end ready to hit the ground at her chest. Her cute face adds even more beauty to her hair or do you think it the other way around?

18. Flowing stream style

No one can easily find out where her side bread lies in this very light blonde’s hair. Can you find it? If not, pause right here and match that answer. It’s left to her face, slovenly hiding there but very attractive. Besides, a smiley face adds more to her beauty along with those hairstyles.

19. Simple end braid

Her braid seems to roll from the back of her head to her waist through her assets. Her red lips might be saying something about it, eh?

20. Croc-tail design

Here is a cowgirl with braids. Her dark hair blended with golden brown make perfect braids that narrow to every tip. Bold outfit with a sly smile, plus a braid. Whatta a girl!

21. Celeb look

Miss Gomez seems untidy at one top unless we see a braid swirling down her shoulder. Out of her all numerous hairstyles this one’s looking plain and intelligent.

22.The raining design

Wow, rainfall of bent stair-rods. This redhead needs nothing more than her half-dozen pairs of lusty braids in the middle back of her head. Can you turn towards me, please?

23. Multiple and Multi-hued braid

This one’s that unique. With every colour blended in her hair and t-shirt, those braids seem extravagantly huge enough to K.O. an intruder in the home with a good hit from it.

24. The chocolaty

A chocolaty braid? Just over a ganja tattoo, we witness a lusty edible braid of chocolates of this blonde. Colouring your hair is best when you know how to pull off this from one hat.

25. Revolving braid

Just like a Saturn’s ring, these side braids can ring your whole hair giving you even more lavishing look. Simple, yet effective when you need to attract masses.

26. Long and lavishing

When you think of side braid hairstyles for black hair, no other picture comes to mind other than this. Gorgeous model above has perfected that side braiding technique. Those long ravishing black hair, somewhat seeming like crocodile’s skin make you want this golden bronze beauty more and more and more.

27. Parallel style

Her hair seems more like a flower blossoming from dark buds to golden petals. Or you can say golden streams flowing from one dark cave as well, no problem.

28. Fishtail design

This piercing look combined with a hiding partial braid is just breathtaking. This caramel haired charmer leaves us stunned. See, braids can also be hidden back but made to look with supreme attractiveness.

29. Crowning braid

A great style that has a partial side braid gives a crowning look instantly, while those two bangs of messy hair are around. Have a side braid; you need nothing more to do with your hair to look pretty.

30. Golden chain

Inside her plain hair, that golden side braid can give you a dashing look. People will be noticing you all around if you think of going to party with this hairstyle. Get ready for attention, girls.

31. Invisible braid


Unless you take your time, you could be missing this sleek platinum side braid that goes straight down from that back supported by another one in the middle. With the sparkling necklace around, you are sure to be some talk of that special night.

32. Short and tidy

If you love a neat and not-a-mess hair design, none other than this could be better for you. Side braids like this need not need your continuous handling while you are dancing around.

33. Soft designs

This platinum blonde has some smoothest of braids with her rest flowing downwards to her bosoms. If you have heard poets writing about some romantic rainfall, this is it. Suit yourself in this and lo and behold, you are now on cosmopolitan.

34. Thick twists

This thick and soft ash-colored braid covering her whole head is stunningly unique and innovative. If you are a fashion model and are trying to rock that ramp, then you should try this one.

35. Golden bun

This brownie has a braid running over her ears and neck ultimately rolled into a golden bun. Her caramel-coloured braid is enough to set a unique fashion trend among some braid lovers.

36. Purely black

Rare black locks of braids running over her forehead like a rivulet of dark chocolate are very eye-luring. Her pendant is quite unique nonetheless less than her stunning hair.

37. Clean and clear

This clean and tidy braid running straight in her head look so simple yet appealing. If you are a neat person who doesn’t want to do tricky, then a specific choice is yours, you won’t get a better fitting hairstyle than this.

38. Crowning braids

Her style is a royal braiding. These locks rolling around this lady’s head gives you particular impression, making people think whether you might have some connection with that British royal blood.

39. Futuristic Design

Not much different to her scalped hair design, these double, triple and so on. ( I’ll let you count these) Side braids look very futuristic and maybe one most popular in these coming times, very possible.

40. Analogous style

Those two long braids streaming down from her head are very analogous to each other, like twin sisters. It is very much possible that if someone engages in looking at them, they will be looped thinking about a mystery of her braids.

41. Cute and dark

Short hair of this charming lady has very much suited her small and thick braid. Just like a sweet strawberry on top of a pie cake. You might want to try this craft if you have also got sweet short hair.

 42. Simple and friendly

As a smiley face of this adorable lady suggests, some sweet and soft braids of her ash-coloured hair make us smile too. And then a cute tying of her braid by a hair.

43. Monster Design

Just as her perfect figure, each side braiding of her grey shaded purple hair looks impeccable regarding boldness. If someone calls you to grace on a red carpet show, then this might be you bold option.

44. Crimping style

Reminding of 80’s and 90’s, these crimping hair with fizzy side braids can get garnered attention for you fashion ideas and you fashion values. Next time you have to get those classic old-days look, try to dress in these.

45. Thin tails

Very often we see this type of unique braid in animated movies and we find praising them every time we witness, its now time to realize this stunning idea for yourself. Each platinum blonde colour, here gives an animated look to this hairstyle.

46. Thickening style

This senorita’s hair might make you think of Amazon’s rainforest, so deep and dense, a difference being colour, of course. They seem so heavy that these braids could be used to lift some weights without actually hurting your hair.

47. Bulky and sulky

With flowers in her hands, this romantic fish-tailed side braiding might very probably be making you imagine your own love story. Try this once, click a picture of yourself and see if you look like one of those on special movies.

48. Outside style

Despite looking very tough to emulate on your hair, this is one of some easy side braids to style your hair. Simple and understandable but attractive and luring.

49. Red chocolate

Even though red chocolates are quite new, these copper-coloured ravishing hairs seem quite fluent and flowing. Get this for summer.

50. A one-sided snake


A snake seems to crawl inside this lady’s hair, seeking a safe place. These side braids are genuine and equally innovative, futuristic.

51. Sloppy braid

This look is a simple and sleek design that you can wear at any place. They guarantee to maintain trends and to show your love for braids.


52. Black locks

Quite complicated, isn’t it? But these black hair side braids could be your favorites if you learn to wear those.

53. Princess mood

When you are finished watching a Disney princess movie, and you love that princess so much, then wearing these might be some hangover of a film.

54. Innovative braid

When Shakira, one most-loved popstar, tries these groundbreaking braids, there’s no question you should try it or not, this question is when and where, and again your answer is simple, anywhere.

55. A classy look

Brading is immensely popular in Asia, as it is in America and Europe. Dark-haired Anushka is looking lovely in some narrowing cute braids.

56. Sleek and dense

You might as well be thinking “isn’t it one same picture in hair-dying packets?’. You are right; these lovely redheads are often appearing in dying accessories, courtesy of a sleek fish-tail braid.

57. Hiding tail

Tight-knit braids like this one give an impression of a pattern, quite lovely to stare upon. Wear these and help yourself getting rid of long stares from people.

58. Knitted braid

As impressive are her teeth, so is her inventive and dashing braid in the middle of her hair. They resemble very much to those scalp hairstyles.

59. Crowning design

You don’t need a crown to look like a princess nowadays, but you should know how to wear these royal crowning side braids.

60. Cute and small

Look how side braids handle your look. This babe seems to be just getting out of bed, but small side braid saves question’s arrows for this lady.

61. Ribbon Braid

For your short and flowing hair, you can use a ribbon side braid to get yourself a fresh, diva’s look.

62. Tight design

She seems to have made one tightest side bread of all, but very dashing. Primarily due to her brunette hair. You should try these for some fresh, out of a fridge look.

63. Many twists

It’s a cool design. More like art rather hairstyle. We love these.

64. Heavy style

Bulky, you might think at first, but instantly you’ll realize how stunning and glowing it might look on your hair.

65. Ravishing braid

It seems more like a painting, rather than a picture. But once you learn to do this or get someone to do it, you are sure to be a masterpiece in real life.

66. Double fishtails

These classic multiple fish-tail braids along with a rain of silver fibers down her shoulder are genuinely amazing. Love to wear it.

67. Party braids

A party piece, what more can we say about it? It suits yours for everything social, party, fashion event or your wedding too. Get this art soon, and become an artist.

68. Genuine braid

Classically created side cornrow braid hairstyles like these are very simple, to see and to implement, but regularly these catch every starer’s eye into you.

69.Thick and messy

This read head looks fantastic in these easy side braids. Get this one to impress yourself; others are already in love with these.

70. Edgy look

This extravagantly desiring look of this hot model lures you instantly to copy those edgy classic side braids. Next time you’re on red carpet, don’t miss to try this once.

71. Diva’s look

Selena Gomez is very fond of styling her hair in every kind of side braids, isn’t she? These soothing yet straightforward braids can make a diva overnight.

72. Polished design

Looks very polished, and natural too. Blondes love to be in these side braids.

73. Soft style

Interlocked side braids like these make everyone want to know  “How did she do it?” and take you as a fashion idea innovator. Cool!

74. Shining braid

More you shine, more you attract. This golden-haired teen is very luring, thanks to her, even more, luring side braids.

75. Wedding choice

When you can make these side braids, you are a princess at every age, every country, every situation every time. Get ready to show off your girlfriends dressing your hair in these.

76 Crowning choice

See, age is merely a number when you are adept at making side braids. She looks aged, not even so much, but courtesy to those dazzling side braids, she can still act on a Disney princess movie.

77. Long fishtail

Doesn’t each fish-tail braid in the middle entirely magnificent? These creative and easy side braids are sure to get some everyday attention of passers-by, not even to mention your special ones. Therefore don’t miss out on these.

78. Modern fashion

You don’t need to talk too much about this scalpy iconic side braids. Why? Look at who it is. Paris Hilton, one mega fashion icon.

79.  Messy beauty

Those long exquisitely interwoven braids can indeed be blamed for getting the individual attention of people rather than the beauty who possesses it. Want those?

80. Eye catcher

Supreme circling silky side braids on her hair get our eye locked. This blonde’s hair is so silky that the braids look susceptible to mess out quite easily, but they usually don’t. Therefore, don’t miss out to try this sexy hairstyle if  you have silky hair.

81. Uniform braid

Another sleek look that you’ll surely want to have on a casual outing. That way you will not be blaming yourself for not getting it right while outside.

82. Dense fishtail

These romantic side braids surely will win over your partner’s heart. Therefore try out these ASAP.

83. Disney Princess

Can side braids get better than this? When you have got such silky and thick hair, trying these differing albeit easy side braids will always help you to garner a heck of attention.

84. Golden 3

Want to be more adventurous and naughty?  Then this one’s out for you welcomingly. This side braiding is very much closer to scalp braiding but looks genuinely attractive and futuristic as well.


85. Sleek and simple

You don’t need to worry about making complex, knotty and locked side braids to look pretty, you already are. Simple side braids only help add more to your prettiness.

86. Soft and soothing

This goddesses’ hair is so soft and pacifying that you can help but to accordingly google on how to make such simple yet stunning side braids like these.

87. Creative creations

More you imagine and try, more sleek creations will come into existence. Even Lemonade side braids, two side braids can be surpassed to make some magic like these. Therefore never stop trying new ideas.

88. Tender braid

If you’ve got such tender, glossy and soothing hair, then this heavy but light-hearted side braid is unquestionably for you.

89. Bright braid

If I say that you can quickly make most out of your glossy hair, then you would believe it? Regardless of your answer, by delving into this elegant and sweet side braid, you can do that.

As a concluding statement, I recommend all of you try these side braids for your own good reasons. Some might want to look like a princess, some may be eager to give themselves a new classy look while some might want to have a neat and tight braid. Whatever the reasons, you can look incredible in classic side braids.