121 Outstanding Side Bun For Any Occasions

In need of a cute hairstyle that is quick, elegant and suitable for any kind of hair? Side bun will be your best friend in such cases. They are super easy to pull off, have several variations and don’t need much effort to maintain. That means side buns can work for almost every occasion, from a casual evening walk to special events like a party or prom.

Most side buns are seen in “messy” variety, having free-hanging hair tufts with loosely pinned hair. The flexibility of side buns let you wear it for a casual day out or for a formal business meeting or your friend’s wedding.

Here are some excellent side bun ideas which you can pick one from.

Curly Styles


We get to see this curly and stylish side bun from the back. It is best to wear at weddings and parties.

Straight And Elegant Styles

Wearing large hoop-rings with any hairstyle is a super fashionable look these days.

Simple Designs

This model apparently seems to be in love with the highlighted side buns. Try wearing one unique necklace to add more boho-chic-ness to your style.

Romantic Jet-Black Ideas

Use an iron roller or an automatic hair-roller to achieve this romantic and glorious style.  Those swirling hair wisps touching the shoulders are what we love in this variation.

Red-Blonde Highlights

The art of highlighting has always been revered in the hairstyle industry. One can see one subtle caramel tint added to her updo. This type of look is equally suitable for casual times as well as formal occasions.

Toffee Side Bun + Loose Updo

Updo always delivers one romantic vibe to any hairstyle. Here, one loose updo-cum-bun, which seems like it has just been soaked out of toffee pond offers one beautiful look to behold.

Crown Braided Side Bun

Want to see yourself in one hairstyle that resembles with one of Disney Princess? You can go for this one, if so. One soft crown braid across your face is some great idea for adding more and more cuteness to one’s attire.

Child’s Idea

It’s not always fashion experts or hairstyle pros that create innovative designs. Sometimes one creative child prodigy may well do so. This cute angle has pinned one lovely white flower in her massive side bun to make it more of one classy style.

Near The Ear Bun

It’s easy to see that this model has layered an extra ear, funny, isn’t it? While they may sound funny, they help you attract extra attention in red carpet gala.

Rolls All Over

Onyx is most people’s favorite. It is shiny and iconic color that we all have desired at least once. Make one ton of rolls all over to add extra glamour to this iconic style.

Carmel Textured Braid

One fresh style like this is classic and romantic. It is always an incredible hairdo that has been popular overages.

Fishtail Braid Updo

We see a mix of the fishtail braid and updo in this style. Having one copper-toned hair is excellent for this design.

Chocolate Caramel Updo

If you are looking for one shiny look, then nothing can’t go wrong with this design.

Fancy Thin Looks

See those thin arched hair strands pointing towards the updo? That is the specialty of this glamorous look.

Easy Side Bun

People looking for styles that are both casual and formal can try a shot at this. We guarantee this versatile style will help you anywhere.

Polished Bold Ideas

Such ravishing and raw styles are rare to see. Even though it’s not quite possible to make it all by yourself, your stylist may be able to give you this out-0f-the-box design.

Those reflecting tight hair loft along with super-tiny curly hair-strands kissing her shoulder is exquisite.

Soft and Serene Braid

White symbolizes purity and softness, while black symbolizes boldness and elegance. This smooth braid is reminiscent of those of Disney Princesses.

Multiple Parallel Fishtail Designs + Swirling Bun

If you are searching for one swirling bun that gives an impression like one of a tornado, then this style is exactly for you. Nothing can go wrong if you add some bold fishtail weaves.

Smooth Onyx Variation

For those with thick and robust onyx hair, we suggest this bold hairstyle. This design comes under the most popular side bun ideas right now.

Heavy Grey Top Bun

One fan of heavy and thick twists? This might be your next best friend. Those thick spiraling grey braids making one top bun is really a beautiful scene to glance at.

Braided Side Bun

We often don’t see an innovative and creative style like this one. The super cute braid inside of the side bun gives us an idea that this girl is one rising star in one fashion world.

Lovely Look

It’s easy to follow what the flock has been following, but it takes one bold and feminine woman for starting one trend on her own. This red carpet look will blow away the celebrity crown at the next award show.

Sweet French Glance

We all agree that French girls are sweet as is their tone of voice. All we are saying to this cute girl and her hairstyle is  ‘Tu es si belle, Je suis amoureuse de toi.’

Cute Perky Bun

This soft and light-hearted bun is sure to catch people’s eyes when you go for a walk out in the morning or evening.

Sweet Side Bun + Half Circle Pattern

Start with unwashed hair rather than freshly washed hair is you want a long-lasting side bun that will stay longer. A pretty bun like this is sure to bring you ton of cute compliments throughout the night.

Messy Romantic Side Bun

When you have a burning desire, a vigorous wish to achieve something, then the whole universe conspires to get you to it. Paulo Coehlo was right, and so is this girl’s desire for looking the most romantic of girls.

Back Braids

Thick and robust braid hanging back of your head never lets you down. We recommend you to try this fantastic style when you have a vibe of love within you.

Messy Updo + Invisible Braid

Buns and Braids are not less a combination than Guns and Grenades. There are a lot of loose tendrils in this easy hairdo which makes the whole attire seem cool and pretty. Looking in front of the mirror in this style is sure to give you enough positive vibe for rocking any event.

Mulberry Vibes

This style is a bit casual than formal. You can even wear it while walking to a grocery or supermarket.

Rough Style Side Bun

Even though it looks somewhat messy, it is unique, and the cute little braid running down the middle adds more beauty to it. It might be an exceptional addition to your list of favorite hairstyle this year.

Tight Braided Updo

If your idea is to wow the crowd whenever you walk, then this is the one for you. Those soft and silky blonde tufts are what girls are going crazy over this year.

Plain Yet Effective Idea

A simple and plain hairstyle like this can be worn anywhere, be it at the park with friends or at a movie theatre with a boyfriend. We absolutely love this every day yet mesmeric vibe it radiates.

Black Hole Side Bun + Thick Copper Braids

In search of something that is truly unique and strong? Well, we might have just found it for you. This bold and trendy hairdo is easy to bring out and at the same time, stable and reliable.

Stylish and Romantic Styles

Being romantic isn’t just about adding a flower to your hair or adding more curls and rolls to it. It is also about being smart and knowing what excites the special one.

Textured Ideas + Back Buns

This admirable style has a ton of cute elements and details to it. If you need something to refresh the old ‘you,’ then picking up the featured style will not harm you.

White Fishtails On Black Hair

Since one can dye her hair to any color available, it’s a great idea to make a white and shiny fishtail braid over your natural black hair.

Braid Turned Bun

Sometimes braids, when locked stylishly at its very end, a magnificent bun can be seen. It’s a perfect choice for proms as it is one of some loveliest side bun hairstyle out there.

Natural Accessories

This style is more of a natural and serene style. Well put together, and lovely styles such as this make people think of you as a natural beauty that is rare to find.

Green Vibe

Pinning a fragrant leaf into your bun makes you look a natural princess. We suggest this naive idea once in a while so that you get a chance to stay in touch with nature.

Red Rose Side Buns

A refreshing look like this is always admired. Firstly, those lovely roses add a passionate vibe while an erotic attire gives you a model-esque view.

Polished Front Bob Designs

You may have seen this gorgeous style in movies and shows, but if you get to see this in real life, then you’re truly lucky. Get to your hairstylist right now and mesmerize everyone around you.

Russian Aura

Russians are known for their cream-white complexion and an appealing glance that no one has ever been successful to bring on their face — no wonder why people who go to Russia rarely return back.

Textured Hair Shining In The Sunset

A great style like the featured would take no time at all to pull off. It’s a straightforward yet classy look.

Soft, Honey Dripped Side Bun

If you ever manage to get a honey-dripped hair, then don’t forget to try this comfortable yet authoritative style. We love its positive vibe.

Detailed Side Bun

A great idea for romantic dates and passionate moments. The side bun along with full hair is full of amazing curls, thus creating a glorious style.

Thick Front Rolls

It doesn’t quite seem like the braids nor side-swept bangs, but it is truly unique. Those thick and slushy side buns are quite lovely.

Princess Vibe

One cute twinkling accessory in the middle of your hair always aids your whole attire to shine brilliantly. If you are longing for a shiny style, then this is for none other than you.

Diamond Head Band + Rose Side Bun

What strikes us the most is this lady’s expensive diamond headband, which should cost no less than a million dollars. But that doesn’t imply you should sell all you have to get the same thing; a cute one will do the work. All the magic is hidden in that mysterious rose bun.

Mesmerizing Ideas

Are you looking for a supportive wedding hairdo? Don’t search anywhere and pick this one. This beautiful style is an iconic look.

Formal Looks

Raw and ravishing look like this never ceases to amaze us. If you want a more subtle and urban look than what you’re currently having, then this is the nearest to the best.

Textured Style

It’s unique, and it’s creative. It will have people talking about you and your secrets all night long.

Retro Designs

You may not be able to find a passionate side bun that is more fluent than this one. Its a powerful and warm look that women are going crazy about right now.

Easy-Peasy Designs

A style like this is natural and iconic. It doesn’t need to have expensive accessories for mesmerizing everyone.

Rought But Unique

A rough style isn’t necessarily less admired. A hairdo like this is easy while maintaining and are flexible.

Quick Designs

In a hurry for reaching an important meeting? Well, a style that is quick while pulling off like this might be your next bestie during those times.

Flower-Like Designs

Styles that resemble natural things like flower, leaves or bee are loved all over the world. If you’re also a nature lover, then you’re inevitably going to love this.

Romantic Vibes

This is a very admired style that gives you a look which is both unique and exciting.

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Cradle Designs

Unique designs like these are sure to mesmerize others as well as yourself. A creative and innovative style like this is revered everywhere.

Quick Looks

If you are looking for something then doesn’t take more than ten minutes to finish off, then we present you this. It’s comfortable, flexible and cute.

Total Messy Styles

Being messy isn’t the same as being dirty. It means being carefree and experimental too. Girls who love the freedom of expression are the real ones.

Wedding Styles

You might have seen this lovely style worn by high profile celebs in wedding ceremonies. Such styles are what fashionistas prefer at weddings and engagement time.

Simple Yet Powerful Side Buns

People who can look elegant while being simple are the real deal. They know that being simple is the key to live your life.

Cute Styles

Usually, this beautiful style shines in parties and proms. But you can wear it wherever you like.

Red-Carpet Designs

The bun, in this particular case, is an updo. Updo can also create awesome styles.

Pinned Variation

A pin will help you solve nightmares, isn’t that amazing. Use a pink lipstick to stick out on top among your girls.

Cute Ms. Swift

From ‘You Belong With Me’ to ‘Bad Blood,’ Taylor has never ceased to amaze us with her voice. Moreover, she unknowingly has also made a considerable impact through her romantic hairdos.

Strong, Tight-Knit Designs

Two things this influential hairstyle emphasizes on is Protection and Strength. Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain and protects you from any kind of outer damage.

Enchanting Side Bun

This style isn’t just glamorous, but you will have to have a fancy event coming to pull this off. It’s a fantastic look that will lock several eyes that lay upon it.

Pretty Designs

Looking pretty isn’t just about having a cute face. It’s about your sense of style that put you top from the flock.

Erotic Glance

Those shiny earrings are enough to evoke an erotic desire in your heart. We suggest you pick this hairdo if you want to awake the erotic desires in your partner for confidential reasons.

Exciting Side Buns

This is an exquisite style that people are going to talk all night long if you grace a party. We love it from the bottom of our heart.

Unbelievable Braids

Braids have always been a symbol of cuteness and feminity. This look is an elaborate look that you may not want to wear anywhere.

Fancy GreyScale Designs

Grey color is a unique one in the sense that it is in between two high-contrast colors. It reminds people of the fact that all things aren’t quite clear as black and white, some may be grey too.

Tornado-esque Side Buns

Not to talk about those heavy chains this girl has worn, her ravishing side bun is an example to all those who are fond of boho-chic styles.

Household Look

While this look may not be the one you would prefer to have while gracing a party or any social occasion, it’s more than enough for causal outgoings.

Well-Polished Styles

Despite looking somewhat old fashioned and outdated, this design still fascinates alpha males all over the world. Side Buns seem to be polished like a diamond in this style.

360 Curls

Your curling iron is capable of giving you such an elaborate and glorious look. So trust yourself and your iron if you want such a lovely and exciting look.

Thick Styles

Here we can see, from different angles, that thick styles are quite lovely and a perfect choice for social meetups and formal occasions.

Cute Ideas

Cuteness is loved both by girls as well as boys. So, pick this style up to impress yourself and your lovers.

Classy Indian Look

Indian beauties are well known all over the world to add the very minute of detail right to their look. We also love those striking earrings and necklaces along with those fantastic side buns.

Side Bun Hairstyles For Wedding

While there comes no other hairstyle that is as suitable as side bun when it comes to wedding occasions, there are still a ton of variations for you to choose from. Pick this one for a neat and cute look.

Pattern-View Side Bun

Providing a cute pattern to a side bun makes it a mesmerizing scene to behold. We praise the idea of creating such a beautiful style.

Playful Vibes

This style is a playful and happy one, which children love the most. Being so full of colors, they show the real meaning of life, that is to enjoy at every colors life brings to you.

Polished Design

Use cute, tiny rubber bands to hold the braids parallel down your head. The beautiful, flower-like bun on top of this sweet girl’s head is lively. A polished design like this one is loved by everyone.

Double-V Designs

If you want to introduce some mystery and magic to your hairdo, then opt for this one.

Usual Romantic Side Bun

A romantic style should always be content with a cute, lovely attire along with a positive side bun.

Coffee Inspirations

Lovely Lady Styles

Tight Scalped Designs

Soft And Cute Buns


Pretty Side Bun + Unique Necklaces

Braided Princess

Side Bun Hairstyle Step By Step


So, we see that side bun is a great hairdo and a versatile one too. Be it a party or prom or any formal occasions; side bun never disappoints you.

Good luck choosing your favorite one.