93 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

When you think of versatile haircut that you would want to try out in every occasion, with minimal of effort but stunning to look, then the side-swept bangs should be in your mind already. Side swept bangs are of different types; thick or wispy, long or cropped or even round or oval. Therefore they can adapt to any face, any head shape and every choice too. They are the new trend of this generation, nonetheless having their glorious history.

Side swept bang is a simple hairstyling technique where the main idea is to set your hair bangs apart on either side of your faces, and sometimes just single side. They are cool and easy to achieve hairstyle, so you should get them for your next important event, may it be a party, prom, meeting or just a casual outing. If you are now thinking about how to cut side swept bangs with layers or how to style them, then I have brought these useful clicks to inspire you on getting them. Take a look at these.

1. Simple blonde bangs

This blonde has made her simple hairstyle look exquisite. How? The answer is – By giving her hair cute, stylish bangs on either side of her face.


2. Ash hued sweeps

Wouldn’t you love to get these thick side swept bangs? These bangs are lovely to look and easy to pull off too. With the lovely loose curls at the bottom, they look even more beautiful.

3.Glossy look

Side swept bangs can also be for long hair, and they look equally eloquent. Even though you might think her hair look messy with one eye entirely under the shadow, this look represents the glossy side of side swept bangs.

4. Cute cuts

Here you can see how this lady has cut her front part of her hair to make a neat and tidy look with her bangs.  And her plum hair coloring, well, we love it, don’t we?

5. Long hair bangs

If you have long textured hair like these, then you should not miss out trying these bangs. They look classy and yet, simple. Go try out this one right now.

6. Creative elements

Silver sunrise is one of our favorite hair dye; we love it. When they are turned into bangs, like these pleasant ones, we can’t resist but to try them right now.

7. Celeb look

Rachel McAdams, very probably, is not just my icon. She is in our hearts for her romantic and heartful roles in The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes. This blonde hairstyle looks incredible on her. It’s never late to try out your icon’s style on yourself.

8. Stylish idea

You can see the bangs on both sides of her smirk look. Even they are not genuinely the classic side swept bangs; they have an element of style on them. Slight waves on the end of hairline make es her look desirable.

9. Black hair bangs

In case you have shiny black hair, and somehow you have dyed it a bit with brown, then guess what! You might look this cute when you get hair bangs.

10. New look

The way the three bangs are aligned, we are in love with them. One in left, another in the right and the third on the middle, they combine to give this model and perfect blonde look to appear 0n any event.

11. Soft and tender

Bangs are the messenger of softness. Soft bangs are the choice of everyone. They seduce men to try to come near you and to caress your hair. So why not try these now?

12. Curl combo

Like braid and curl pair, bangs and curl combo are equally deadly when it comes to cuteness. They look you like a Disney princess, a Rapunzel, who has just come out of a movie.

13. Multi-Tint vogue

It is not that long that there was a vogue of multi-coloring hair to give it a new and fresh look. You might as well remember it. While it still isn’t gone, this design is a perfect example of it with hints of caramel color in every middle of her hair.


14. Star look

We all know how passionate is Miss Gomez is regarding these classic hairstyles like braiding, loose curls, and bobs. Now in this avatar, she looks even cuter.  Her lovely round face surrounded by sleek swept bangs are what we love more than all others.

15. Shining blonde

Side swept bangs give you a new identity. Lovely and light blonde bangs have provided her with her feelings and expressions that her face has been trying to say.

16. Windy brunette

Oh Shailene, don’t we love her? Divergent series is enough to give us an idea of how fashionable she regards her hair. We have seen her in curls, braids, pony and now in this cute modern look. You are surely going to love yourself when you try this out.

17. Purely white

What is your most loved one in this picture is her clean divine white hairs? I even doubt that has anyone in this world has got this serenity in their hair? This flat pixie is that one you might be looking out for your short hairs.

18. Bold and sexy

While we might be talking about softness and cuteness regarding these side-swept bangs, they can provide with this ravishing look too. Besides, side-swept bangs are reasonably renowned for giving some light to your audacious side. Furthermore, this star’s outfit also might have been a factor.

20. Classy style

What other hairstyles can give you this stunning look for your casual outings with least effort. Say hello to this inspiration and get it done instantly.

22. Darkest one

Only some are so lucky that God has gifted them this wild hair. While you might be wondering among hundred hairstyles to choose out of, side swept bangs can become your best friend on this. How can we not admire this chick’s dark chocolaty hair with added curls?

23. More hue

Looks like an artist’s work, but it isn’t. Who knows if you can get this much glamour by trying this one out? This has to be one real definition of beauty, regarding both hairs and looks.

24. Give more curls

We have previously seen quite a few beautiful combos of side sweeping and curling, and this is yet another one.

Her very light blonde is nicely made into bangs taking positions at left, right and middle to give her a princess’s look. And those strewn curls make her a to-be queen,

25. Face tuner

One of some very advantageous merits of side swept bangs is that it can hide you large forehead. Not that you have one, but in case, it made be angel’s boon for numerous pretty girls out there.

26. Dashingly bold

Doesn’t she look dashing with this shiny black coat and her cleavage? Well, although you might be surprised that I am giving half the praise to her sweet, eloquent side swept bangs. You might as well be saying the same there, I guess.

27. Readhead’s choice

Readhead hotties can look their very best wearing on those side-sweeps. Lond side fringe like this is a dream of every man for their special ‘her.’ Look how this hottie is smiling knowing her power of feminity.

28. Asian Trends

Bangs have lately been more popular in Asia, more than ever. If you watch Korean and Japanese movies, animes or even advertisements, you can see some prominence of this side-swept, colorful and cute bangs.

29. Thick and furry

We love thick hairs, don’t we? Burning furriness in this women’s adorable hair makes us longing to have this soft and voluminous hair for ourselves.

30. Clean and simple for medium hair

If you like Dakota Johnson, then you might like this brunette hair as well. And if so, these straight, sleek and tidy bangs even more. In contrast to her bold, sensual scenes in some movies she appears quite frequently, here she has shown us her dainty side.

31. Timeless designs.

You know, some pretty hidden-gem girls are hiding in some other hairstyles. Limited by their belief that age is a hindrance, more than often. But this lady has challenged all those disbelievers to try out and get this charming style done, now.

32.Popstar’s romance

Hats off to this lovely fashionista. How many times has she shocked us with her diverse and unprecedented looks? Here too she once again locked out eyes with this romantic side-swept bangs. With added curls all over, she has shown us “Who is our queen of romance?”, again.

33. Fizziness reloaded

Wow. More fizz, more buzz, and more talk. If you don’t become everyone’s crush with this style, then I wonder who does. Maybe Taylor swift.? only if she comes there.

34. One-sided bangs

Here’s a brilliant example of how partial bangs can become one most coveted hairstyle. This cutie pie has been able to catch each eye of millions with this seemingly effortless hairdo. Her nice small mole in face adds more to her extravagance.

35. Bobs for short hair

These Asians steal our heart with this cute, wispy bobs, tapering along each side. How can we not love her with them? If you want to grow out bobs, then my suggestion would be to learn from this one.

36. More combos

Now, who would have thought that an updo would be a best friend of bangs when you need to look neat and tidy? She did and had also motivated us to do so. Her hair texture also fits precisely in this match like icing on a cake.

37. Princess look

Side swept bangs are capable of turning you into a princess. Have a doubt? Look below. She set her middle hair into set apart bangs and mage a messy bun on the back. She transformed from a miss to princess.

38.Mesmerizing bangs

Bangs are often famous and renowned because they look so mesmerizing on some girls, like this one. Unique shiny blonde hair is perfect for side-swept bangs. Don’t you think so?

39. Rolled with a bun

Sometimes this amiable side swept bangs can give us a nag, and we consistently need to swipe them here and there. Therefore this next friend has arrived. When you get bothered by the bangs, bun them. Got it?

40. Warm color

Emma Stone has been in love with the bobs since we have started seeing her. This warm blonde hair in side-bang mode has been her signature look now. And we love to continue seeing her this way, don’t we?

41.Arched straight hair

Even the style is of side bang, the classic three triads, at left, mid forehead and right, aren’t perfectly straight. They take an arch to make themselves even more unique and luring. Black jacket worn by this charmer is out of this world, to add more.

42. Charmer

None can stop you from making yourself a charmer with this black bob cut if you’ve got similar hair color. She catches our eye with glossy lips and curvy cheeks. She’s a killer.

43.Small hair side-bangs

For some or many who are reading this, the below hairstyle might be a more than perfect choice. Short haired girls can make this pixie to make efficient use of hair for beauty.

The hair in the middle can be pulled apart by a comb, curling iron or even hand to give a more natural look like this.

44. Romantic side

As seen in romantic movies, the layers of hair are flowing in the cold air, the side-bangs are flying, and a soothing and heart touching song comes in the background. This style can be only achieved using the below hairstyle. Do you want to try out? You should be definitely.

45. More Bob styles

One-sided bang like this blonde has created for her hair are very popular nowadays. Various red carpet celebrities like Ellen Degeneres or this pretty lady come out glowing in such hairstyles.

46. Bangs with added curl

When you are acquainted with curls, then it can add to your beauty by adding them to your sleek bangs. Side swept hair can also be of this type. You can go out anywhere, pub, bar or even red carpet with this.

47. Shiny dark style

For your shiny black hair, this style can be a solution to look great mos to the time. Your answer to the question like “How to cut side swept bangs” has an answer in this picture. The lady had wonderfully cut her mid-hair to give a perfect cut for side swept bangs.

48. Pixe variations

This variation of pixie created by this model with her warm blonde hair is very innovative. It seems like it is flowing with wind albeit there is no wind. That’s the magic.

49. Glorious innovation

Even though it is a bang, you might suspect where the bangs actually are. Here’s the answer, she has introduced some updo to be neat and clear. Red carpets legends are also fond of the bangs, see.

50. Monstrous look

What comes to your mind when your first glance hit this picture? Well in my case, outrageous. Yeah, shocking, but regarding innovation. The long, curvy, shiny gray hook of hair has made her eloquent of her expression through this hairdo.

51. Afro-American look

The golden spurred hair with rainfall demo at the end is very likable. Sometimes the accessories like a heavy, shiny earring can help you have a charming look. You can also get these accessories if you want a new and raw look.

52. Catchy medium-length bangs

Her single glance can lure any passerby. Thanks to her cute expressions and her brunette hair. Using some creative imaginations with your facial expressions combine with your silky bangs can make you look glamorous out of nowhere.

Therefore, don’t forget to try it once at a party or prom.

53.More bold design

I would say myself luckiest person if God gave me those gracious, long black hair. She has pulled this idea out of a hat; it seems because her boobs are hidden by her hair. We have to give her a standing ovation to her for such a raw and reforming idea.

54. Like a royal

Side swept bangs allows you to add some of your close-to-heart accessories as she has. The medieval-looking garland she has worn gives a stylishness to the hair design.

55. Side swept crew cut

Who can beat Angelina Jolie regarding style and fashion? Otherwise, she could be reigning over Hollywood for well over a decade.

We love how she has swept three bangs of her brunette hair and made a sloppy updo and let the rest of hair flow backward.

56. More romantic bangs

Side swept hair is naturally inclined towards giving a romantic look They way they frame your face and show your real worth is a thing to admire.

Besides, they show your tender side, your heartful side and make you seem like a lovely person that would make one’s day.

Therefore you must try this passionate side bang once in your life.

57.Elegant elements

With this beeline honey shade of hair, we can easily make such cute side swept bangs and impress our friends, family and the special ones.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t want herself to be the “special one”?

58. Shading side swept bangs

For this rough blonde, the shading technique of side swept bang has worked exceptionally well. She has covered her wide forehead with this. We love this amazing technique.

59.Clean and clear

If you don’t want to overcomplicate the traditional look of side bang, then try this. Moreover,  I would say you should try this.

First, for a reason, it looks so plain yet dashing and secondly you can do this for you medium hair.

60. Dream choice bang

We can see that this isn’t one of some regular side swept bangs. It is a special one. When you can curl or make a wave of layers of hair in bangs, then you can achieve this fantastic look.

Furthermore, you would look great in this one, in contrast to the braiding style as they demand a lot of hair.

61. Simple style

With these three strings of hair in front, we can see how splendid and straightforward it is.

62. Flashy bangs

These curly and blackish brown hair lure all our attention.

Therefore try this ASAP.

63. Signature of Emma

9 out of 10 times, we see Miss Stone this way. Not to mention her freshness exuberating every time.

64.Redhead passion

Every while and then, we see some passionate Readheads in this relaxed style. Furthermore, why would anyone despise this hairstyle?

65. Charismatic bangs

Combined with some hot outfit, this gorgeous model has brought out nothing less than an ice spitting dragon.

For this reason, so many have verbatim followed this style.

66.Short aurora pixie

Although her hair is short, we love it more than some long ones. In the meantime, let us copy this for ourselves.

67.Selena’s signature

Selena is always that role model for new fashion lovers.

Besides, this picture says that she was a prodigy from a young age.

68. Evolution of bob hair

This picture has made my friends fall in love with bob bangs more than ever.

Furthermore, how far can you expect this hairstyle to evolve?

69. Charismatic bangs

Classy, warm blonde sweep we see here has its eloquence.

For this purpose, this has been one number 1 choice for red carpet walker for a long time.

70. Rihanna’s idea

What Rihanna can do, no one can even think. Look how she has poured her imagination through her hair.

Accordingly, she has created two sharp axes out of her hair. Breathtaking!

71. Alluring side swept bangs

This style has to be, at first, one most romantic hairdo of recent times.

Likewise, we love how she has let some thin wisp of her hair down to look even more fantastic,

72. Oval face undercut

Although you may not exactly agree with me, she has made most out of her blonde hair. She might have short hair, but on the contrary, she has won our hearts.

73. Artistic Bangs

Notwithstanding this glorious purple shade to her eye, the warm honey blonde is one sole reason for making this elegant look.

74. Entrancing curled bangs

While perfect for round-faced girls, this delightful hairstyle gives you an unprecedented raw, bold and sexy look.

And as a consequence, you might have to handle one problem of managing your followers.

76. Bangs with glasses

In addition to various accessories like earring, piercing and twinkling stars, glasses make you more cute and lovely.

77. Trichion magic

Others are busy pulling off complex and out-of-the-world bangs. Meanwhile, you can comb either side of trichion to get this awesomeness.

78. Enticing Petite

If you are small, then your head and hair may also be so. But on the contrary, your fashion status need not be that way.

You can reach one zenith of fashion world using these ideas.


79. Flowing hairstyle

With this natural hairstyle, you can undoubtedly get going with your lovely hair.

80. Daring glances

This long blonde hair, in contrast to the black and dark hair, has its magic when it comes to side swept bangs.

81.Curled shiny bob

This bob alongside with that brilliant element added to indeed has won our hearts.

Meanwhile, you can get busy googling how to make it.

82. Simple with ponytail

In addition to braids and curls, adding ponytail with these bangs also help you give a hell of a sweet look.

83. Tied with a rubber

For your simplicity, you can always tie your bangs to get a bright, serene look.

Meanwhile, you should be aware not to do it very often.

85. Lustrous Swift

While we have always admired Taylor’s romantic curls, not to mention, her side swept bangs are equally magnificent.

Therefore why not try it right now?

86. Side swept bangs of Eva

Eva Mendes, since her Hitch movie, has been the apple of our eye. Despite her breaks in film, there have never been bad breaks in her style.

For this reason, we should instantly try this style.


87. Smiley style

In fact, if you add you mesmerizing smile with such a beautiful hairstyle, you will make yourself a crush of millions.

88. Red Dragon design

For short hair girls, why bother with other complicated hairstyles rather than trying this one.

Meanwhile, you are sure to rock your next party.

89. Innocent glance

As a consequence of her honest childish look, we declare her as a single real enticer.

On the contrary, she has some heavenly face.

90. Jolie’s side sweeps

While we are looking at which one is some best hairdo, on the flipside, Miss Jolie has shown her breathtaking look.

91. Sleek creation

Does Emma ever run out of these alluring hairdos? We admire her passion and certainly her hard work.

Therefore why not try these warm bangs for ourselves?

92. Freedom of creativity

You can indeed be more creative and flow in one direction of your mind to make this type of lovely bangs. Awww, this shade of grey is perfect.

Consequently, we all are coveting this style.

93. Blown by wind breeze

If you are a nature lover and don’t want your hair to be fixed and jammed, you would want this for sure.

Accordingly, suit this design to your blend as per your identity.

We won’t hesitate to suggest you these trendy looks that people will love for many years to come. They will only add to your charisma and style, making you more glossy, pure and serene. Don’t miss out on these very best ideas for side swept bangs.