91 Alluring Stacked Bob Styles To Get The Chic Look

If you are looking for a breezy and a chic hairdo change, stacked bob is the way to go! Making its way through the 60s, this hairstyle surely serves the most practical attributes, that’s for sure.

Stacked bob seems to be efficient for any sorts of hair; be it thin or thick, wavy or sleek. It’s magic lies on gifting the hair with visible volume and roundness. The hairstyle plays with layers which makes you look fancy although it is a very effortless hairstyle.

I, personally, give it hands down for it has been my ‘work to party’ partner as it does not even demand a lot of management or time. You can pull it off anytime, any day!

So ladies, let’s take a break from our regular haircut and jump into somewhat shorter and more elegant one and give stacked bob a try. Girl, won’t it be serving you looks?!

  The Curly Tales

If you have a curly hair and you are bored with the regular entangling and extended brushing of your hair, this version of the stacked bob is just the one for you. Love the way it falls and makes your hair look modish.

stacked bob

Short Stacked Bob

This is a brilliant way to give a shape to your hair and your face. Keep it minimal at the backside and slightly longer and pointed along your face. Throw in some highlights, and there you have it!

Long Bob

For all of us who aren’t blessed with thicker and fuller hair, this long version of stacked bob can come in handy. The shoulder-length hair with soft layers surely add the spotless elements to your hair. This is the everyday jewel that anyone can pull off.

Round Bowl

Is a very charming updo that gives a hoop-like dimension to your hair your go-to style? It is unique and it makes the short hair pop up right away! You can hit and try the color variations, and slay the style.

Barbie Pink Rockstar

The ideal example of the bob that you are looking forward to rock! Yes, the color pink completely changes the look of it making it more bold and chic. This could be your ‘any day’ resolution to modify your hair game!


Short Curled Twigs

For all the curly haired beauties out there, this hairdo adds up more sensation to your features. The main edge of its convenience seems to be that it has so age limit! Try it on your kids to your mom, and it will surely make them look a hundred times cuter.



Medium Length Breezy Layers

Perfect for the wavy hairs, it creates that fun component to your hair. It is completely feasible, and it is something that you might want to look forward to throwing in for day-to-day office codes.

Brief And Simple Bob

As the name suggests, this design is simple, and it holds a very brief amount of layering yet still is perfect to upkeep the essence of stacked bob you’re opting to achieve. Your hair is gonna thank you once for sure.

Leafy Curls

This hairstyle is intriguing as it fashions the bob in a leafy way. This look stands out in the party or any other functions; you just got to roll the hair up as it favors you.

Creative Style Bob

Look at the aura that it creates! Love the way how it materializes the sides of your hair. You can get this look, and there is no doubt that you will feel like a diva vocalist on the stage!

Layers And Highlights

Just another simple sort of stacked bob with a handful of highlights and edgy layers to put up in appearance. This look is very common as it favors the attainability. You can straighten your hair for more of the tapering presentation.

Power In Blonde

Just by the look of it you can tell how strong this looks. Perfect for lifting your hair and giving it THE volume you opt for. Stacked bob and blondes seem to make an exemplary ally.

Semi Highlighted Bob

The pinnacle of this style is the icy highlighted features that it carries. A subtle way to style your bob that is fun and playful at the same time.

Curly Bob

Frizzy hair? Don’t care! The trouble-free way to maintain your frizzy curls is here, you ladies. The side partition adds up to elongate your face, and this is just the way to go for your new look.

The Sass Ash

You gotta love the color work and how it goes along with this haircut. Play with bold and icy colors and be ready to stand out in the crowd, girls. You will be proud of the decision!

Playful Purple

Purple never goes out of style when it comes to hair dying. The alternative colors can surely hype up your boring everyday hair business.

Criss-Cross Edges

A smart diversion from the flatly stacked bobs can be the criss-cross edges for you. They are stylish, and they fall right in the place.  Let the full body do the thing!

Chunky Funky Colors

Are we talking the multi-color highlights here? Why not, right? Choose your colors, patterns and give BORING a rest.

Blonde And Pink

I couldn’t agree more on the color union here! Wanna make your hairdo more like a replica of your favorite Barbie doll? If yes then you have the strength of blonde and pink right at your hands. Or should I say hair?

Blue Waves

There is no doubt that the color blue signifies the purest and calmest thoughts. So why not bring the beach vibes right on your hairdo?! Looks great for a change.

Volume And Length

This style is great for keeping your updo minimal and cheerful. It provides that visible volume to your hair maintaining the required length at the same time. Such a bonus!

The Bold Stacked Bob

What do you see when you look at it? I see a daring figure so bold and chic. If BOLD is you, this is it!


An ideal bob that is straight and slightly dome-shaped is what you should try next. Hands down the nicest haircut for thin hairs.

Volume And Length With Colors

Add some charming color tweaks to the same old regular bob that arranges volume, keeping up with the length. You never know how it is gonna flatter you!

The Elegant Black

Get ready to be the talk of the town with this short version of bold and black stacked bob. It suits anyone and everyone you can possibly think of and trust me when I say that it completely successes with some metallic accessories.

Winged Bob

Try your stacked bob with long layers in the front. This hairstyle looks great on the diamond and round shaped faces. 

Sleek Layered Bob

This is the Taylor Swift’s version of the long and sleek bob. This is one of the coolest hairstyles for the teenage girls to try! The style falls perfectly in the place.

Uneven Layered Bob

This hairdo consists of uneven razor cut edges which acts precisely to confirm with your personality. 

The Shoulder Length Bob

The long, straight and blonde cut again displays the neat and calm touch to the whole style. The bob is worn with a side part with side bangs that lengthens the face.

Soft Side Bangs

Again, this look is worn with the side partition with the side sweep of bangs that makes you look smart and stylish. The front bangs give you more details affirming your style.

Ear Length Bob

This ear length bob is accentuated by the ashy color. It has a different touch to the bob because of its tone and ear length. Use a nice hairspray to keep the style just in place.

Red Flames Bob

This particular bob its bangs dyed in orange looks a vivacious and hot style. The bob simply is made more noticeable with the touch of a red tone. Try the fiery tones; it might surprise you.

Blunt Spikes

This blunt spiked ear length bob gives you that rock-star and a punk look. Gotta love how this style gets a different vibe because of the accessories.

Punk Razor Sweep

As the name tells this hairstyle is trimmed with spike-like bangs. Notice the edgy razor cuts with extremely fine sleek layers which blend easily into each other. This bob makes you look punk and ready to rock.

Vibrant Pink Shades

The use of the lively shade such as pink with ruffled edges to a bob makes this look incredibly stylish and attractive. This is one of those sweet summer teen hairstyles that you can switch to.



Side Swept Bob

This rough side-parted bob with edgy bangs surely gives a smart appeal. This stacked bob is extremely short, and it is ironed even to give all its precision.

Stepped Layers

The hair portrays a very messy rocking style which is cut in small and neat stepped layers. The stepped layers surely distinguish this bob from the long and calm, regular bob. You can try this style in multi-colored layers for an extra look.

The Rainbow Hair Colors

When it comes to multi colors, you have so many options to choose from! You can try vivid and expressive colors on your bob. The bright colors on your hair give a special touch to your hairstyle.

Bruised Pink

Trying expressive colors can never go wrong once in a while! The hairdo comprises of soft long bangs at the front and clean cut along the neckline. The chief element of this bob is the metallic pink dye that has been used. Back comb your hair for more visibility.

Sleek Double Side Swept Banged Bob

This sleek double side swept banged bob gives a smart and elegant appeal to your look. The front bangs are clipped by pulling it up which leaves the forehead with more attraction. This look can come in handy on sports events.

Straight Edge Stacked Bob

This is a long version of bob with clean and equal distribution of hair all over. It gives that full body effect to the hair and makes you look glamorous!

Boyish Cut With Long Bangs

This is one of the most extraordinary stacked bangs till date. This is the look that slightly favors the boyish haircut on the parietal region of your hair but displays a charming and straight long bang right in the front. If you are in the mood to dive into hair adventure, you can definitely rock this look!

Cap Stepped Bob

This is a very classy look in itself. As blonde and brunette go along the way in every hair, and now for a change, you can try mixing up the ombre colors even on very short hairs! The two steps that are shown in the picture are expressively distinguished with two different hair dyes seemingly like one is used as a cap to cover the other shaved layer.

Fuzzy Wavy Bob

Although this bob does not appeal its sleekness and precision. it supports more gentle and mild kind of appearance. Perfect for the everyday school look. 

Sleek Wavy Stacked Bob

Now, this version is almost as same as the fuzzy wavy bob except that it displays relatively more sleekness to the hair. Totally practicable and it looks great on any kind of face shapes. 

The Brunette Bob

There’s nothing tricky about it; it’s just simple, pinpointed, short bob that is added with soft side bangs for a great style! You just leave it where it falls and not even have a second thought about looking good.

Volume With Style

Are you into some serious volume that can also show off great styles at the same time? This look proves how creative you can be with achieving volume and super stylish designs.

Frosty Purple

Purple seems to be the talk of the neighborhood this time. The subtle purple highlights used on the frosty hairdo has surely picked out this version of stacked bob in a glam charm manner.

Square Curls

This look as a whole is THE LOOK! The use of curls has definitely done the justice to the updo, and as we see it, the hair favors the square shape appearing like a bowl.

Revealing Colors

We have already learned that stacked bobs advise the use of eloquent colors. If you are looking forward to highlighting the hair already then try expressive colors as such this. You’ll be surprised at no time.

 Short Tousled Bob

This short ear length bob is very convenient to wear, and it gives the courtesy to slight and subtle tousled effect which adds a unique twirl to the whole haircut. This style is pretty sexy and light.

Belt On A Bob

This hairstyle is not everyone’s piece of cake! It uses a very expressive color on the base that seems like a belt and the whimsical end is very polished. It obviously demands a lot of products to upkeep the ‘runway’ like hair that it is!   

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Edgy Boyish Bob

Isn’t this just a very chic style? This hairdo comprises of the edgy bangs that are combed backward for more stylish feature added to a boyish bob. Just extraordinary!

Polished Bob

Here comes the low maintenance, polished and precise stacked bob for all the hustlers out there! Just the touch of demonstrative highlights and your work is done for a good time!

Icy Toppings

The frosty dyes never go out of style! They look classy and very smart for young women.

Frosty Fringes On Bob

If you want to pull a hairstyle that you can carry on every occasion then the stacked bob with fringes is the one! It is totally amazing for the office look to the clubbing look!

Charming Style

Again the abstract use of colors makes it seem very shiny and trimmed.

Short Spikes

This style is very edgy and attractive at the same time. The hair strands are brushed in a way to look like waves with spike ends. A gorgeous style for short hairs!


Ombre Highlights

This is a dramatic, two-toned hair color which is pretty popular these days. It is a versatile use of hair colors suitable on any lengths of hair!

Chopped Bangs

A stacked bob with finely chopped bangs added with some jewelry couldn’t miss out on the fashion era! The edges are finely chopped, and it looks very modish.

Long And Feathered

This is the perfect length that is nor too long nor too short. It is an ideal stacked bob!

Shaved Hairdo

This is a slightly different hairdo that is shaved underneath to give you that bold and rocking look for sure!

Sophisticated Layers

The middle partition of the hair gives the face a contouring look along with a sophisticated aura. Love the way it has added the poised segment to the bob.

A-Line Bob

This is the fanciest way to style a stacked bob. It has the sleek blonde layers with very fine side swept bangs. This haircut is the summer haircut of the era!

Rolled Edges

The edges of the hair are curled subtly that create a stylish form. I would also call it a party-fit look!

Ruffled Stacked Bob

This hairstyle is ruffled on the backside and is easy to achieve and endure. Back comb the hair for voluminous effect.

Front Side Bangs

A stacked bob with front side bangs will never disappoint you!

Whirled Bob

Nothing dramatic. Nothing crazy! Just the subtle use of colors have made the bob look so fancy and elegant. The layers show off like in a whirled motion. Amazing style!

Bowl Of Curls

A chin-length bob for curly haired women is a great idea for a change. Give it as many layers and steps as you want so, it looks full like a round bowl.

Eye Catchy Highlights

You can change your whole hair game from boring to captivating in just a matter of time with the use of contrasting colors. It is a unique idea to use diverged highlights. 

Orange Dream Team

Another expressive element to bob along with styling is the use of colors, that’s for sure! Orange is fun, and very happy color that you might wanna look up to!

Ruffled Black Bob

This hairdo expresses the chin length black bob with subtle ruffled edges. It draws minimal attention for maintenance and is great for simple looks!


So, I hope you have pretty much gotten the idea on the variety of stacked bobs. Be playful with the colors, sizes and define your portions. Styling your hair can always be fun if you want it to! You can always experiment with different things on your hair to get THE look you’ve always wanted. Draw the patterns that appeal to your personality even though it gets dramatic! After all, we only have this life to be as crazy as we want. And if it isn’t for you, you can always turn and switch to another style. Happy styling!