101 Great Taper Fade Haircuts To Sport In 2019

Taper fade haircut is one of the most popular styles that is trending among youths. Not just teens, but children and adults are equally fond of this fresh and natural hairdo. A perfect hairstyle for both casual as well as professional times, taper fades radiate a masculine and robust aura.  Its super neat look helps one to stay fresh without any fuss. Just do a 2-minute shower, and you’re done with hygiene.

The taper fades haircut are so popular mainly due to their versatility. There are tons of variations one can bring while opting for this amazing style. Taper Fades black; taper fades with waves along with low, mid and high taper fades are some popular varieties of taper fade. Moreover, it suits with any hairstyle. You can see celebrities and sportspersons sporting this style in forms like taper fade comb over; taper fades for curly hair and much more.

So let’s get into this beautiful gallery of such style we have brought up for you to choose one from.

What really is a Taper Fade?

taper fade

In simple words, any style where the hair on your back and sides have a blending of short and shorter hair, a taper is invoked. Thus this style gets its name. It’s very similar to the fade haircuts, which are less long than taper cuts.

Easy Style + Clean Beard

Having a clean and neat beard is always a plus point when you are sporting taper haircut. That semi-curly haircut on the middle is another brilliant variation of this style.

Sleek back style

Although it may seem a bit troublesome to get this haircut, a good barber will get you this in no time. We love how the long mid hair is slick back creating a smooth effect on his fashion.


Matted Style + Small Knot-Bun

We can call this braided style more than matted style because it very much resembles those cute braids girls are fond of. A form like these are extreme and rarely found but are very popular nonetheless.


Rough Curls Style

If you have long and curly hair, then you can opt for this style. Its also known as taper fade waves. So those who don’t like to keep any beard, choose this easy peasy hairdo.

Flat Top Designs

Flat top styles are one incredible and creative style that is massively popular among the Afro community. That is why we see Afro singers like Larry Blackmon and Keith Sweat regularly enjoying with this design. What’s your take on this?


Tiny Dreadlocks Ideas

It’s neat; it’s innovative and influential. What more can you expect from a hairstyle? It’s like waiting for a knight to control 12 squares in a chessboard. But that’s not possible, and we all know it.


Simpler Design, Minimalistic Cut

Not everyone loves to be one minimalist. People nowadays are hungry for instant pleasure, power, and material belongings. That is why it is so troublesome to find people like these who prefer pure over Hi-Fi styles, even in one haircut.

Sharp Variations

There are sharp styles, almost anywhere. From chess to hairstyle to fancy clothes, people are fond of sharp and pointy styles. This boy is one example of it. That sleek, smooth hair flowing from front to back really inspires us.


Point Ends

Taper fades allow you to possess pointy end hair all over as they really suit the side taper. Hairdo like this one isn’t a comprehensive one but a powerful one.

Perfect Geometry Designs

Evolution in science and mathematics has allowed us to implement those ideas in every field of your life. One sleek taper can be accompanied by this calm, neat, and geometric design that is sure to be praised in every social occasion.


Thick and Dense Style

Guys who have thick and dense hair can go for this simple hairdo. As you all can see, the taper is neither too compact nor too thin, perfect for anybody.


Taper Fades With Waves

Waves are always elegant. When we see sea waves, we are romanticized, aren’t we? Do yourself one favor, make these waves in your head and be the talk of the party.


Gentleman Style

As one can clearly see, the taper is more like fades, and it’s very low or nonexistent at the lower side while thick and rooted in the middle. It’s one great scene to behold.

Layered Taper Fade

There are three different layers of taper in this photo. A good barber will instantly recognize what you want if you take this picture with you in one saloon.


Classic Taper Fades Afro

Also known as Raheem Sterling cut- this fancy cut with two tiger stripes on the back is an exuberating style every black man should aspire for. For your convenience, take this picture to your hairstylist to get the best out of it.


Rusty Beard + Taper Fades Afro

It’s easy; it’s short but crisp. If anyone expects more from one hairstyle than this, then he should know that he is overly ambitious and unrealistically perfectionist. Let rejoice that we’ve got this great haircut in our cabinet.



Alpine Forest Resemblance + Mid Taper Fade

Being artistic is being natural. And this guy is instinctive. Just look at how his hair above the faded sides resembles those mouth-watering alpine range. Not much to say about this magnificent style.


Classic Handsome Style

There’s an old saying – Handsome is what handsome does. The modern version sound more like – Handsome is what handsome wears. In that sense, this guy is doubly cute, thanks to his looks firstly and secondly, to his crazily oozing haircut.


RSDMax Haircut

We know most of you people don’t know about RSD, let alone RSDMax but people who want to bring massive improvement to their life and relationship prefer this hairdo to death.

Rockstar Hairstyle

It’s not at all true that one rockstar won’t have a short haircut in his/her life. Just look at Zayn Malik or Justin, they prefer shorter and sweeter hairdo than long, rusty hairstyle, like one of Bob Marley.

3 Steps to Higher Self

These three simple steps guarantee you one handsome hunk look. For more precision, go to a barber or have some help from your friends.


Kid’s Choice + Taper Fades Comb Over

Comb over is an essential element for many hairdos. It shows off your gentleman vibe, thus perfect for professional and business occasion. We won’t tell you why being gentleman won’t help you be romantic; you have to know that all by yourself.

This kid seems to have already known that as he is heading for one professional venue.

Soothing, Taper Fades For Afro Guys

Kids have one ton of styles to choose from. They don’t have pressure from media, nor from society. That’s why this big black boy has opted to select a reasonably simple, soothing hairstyle. Actually, it’s quite popular among adults too.


Al Pacino Look + High Taper Fade

What we are seeing is a classic Al Pacino look. Those who have seen The Godfather trilogy can easily state that this boy is one copycat of the Legendary Al Pacino and his perfect gentleman haircut.


L0w Taper Fade

Tapers are low maintenance, high-efficiency haircuts. They don’t need much care compared to other fancy hairstyles such as dreadlocks and matted styles. That is the sole reason they are such popular styles.


Mid Taper Fade

The advantage of this style is that it is an all-around one style that works with almost all types of mid-hair style, from quiff to pompadour. We adore this style for its versatility and compatibility.


Ultra-Low Taper Fade

The ultra-relaxed style offers you one neat and sturdy look. Added with some nice, sleek beard, you will not forget this choice once you pick it up. It’s an excellent selection for anyone.


Easy, Flowing Taper Fades For Curly Hair

Whether you have long hair or one really short one, this idea will work best on you. The reason is that the curly choice suits on everyone, whether they are black or white or Asian. Try this style this summer.


Soothing cut + super low taper fade

Giving your beard and hair one neat finish helps you look clean and perfect. These styles are perfect for high-profile parties as well as super professional occasions.

Pacman Cut

Styles like these show the real difference between fade and taper. Fades are usually very low and sometimes entirely blended with the skin. On the other hand, the taper will gradually blend shorter hair to short, providing one layered effect.

Novelty Look + Bob-inspired taper fae

One can tell from one quick glance that this design is very inspired by the bob cuts. Although bob cuts are female haircuts, some hint of them has added some elegance to this fella’s idea.

Top Bun + Clean taper fade

While such styles are seen very rare, it’s beautiful to mind when one pulls off with such perfection. If you have long hair and want to have one fade, then you can turn the rest into one bun while giving the rest side parts with a neat fade effect.


Juicy Gelly Looks + High Taper Fade

Add one neat buzzed line to fades, and you are sure to look glamorous. Its a given. One can notice if one focuses that this guy’s beard is also tapered to some extent. Always try to be creative; people love new creations.

Gelled Top + Low Taper Fade

You ever wondered how celebrities get such a shiny look? Well, one gel is an essential ingredient here. It holds your hair hard and robust so that you won’t have to worry your hair was getting down every time you move here and there.


Short Bun Effect

Little buns are mesmerizing. They are neither too risky nor too fancy. You can always rely upon them when you are too busy so that you can’t give one short haircut to your hair. We suggest you create a very slight fade down the sides like this guy to maintain one good appearance.

Paste Inspirations

Get inspired by everything that is in nature. Trees, mountains, Rivers, Clouds, Animals, Birds, everything is there to teach us something; everything is there for their own purpose. And creating a hairdo that resembles the things in nature is more than a good idea.

Silky, Shiny Designs + High Taper Fade

It’s shiny, it’s sexy, and it’s powerful. Yes, we are babbling about none other than these lovely and lofty hair chunks.


Sleek Taper Fade

This is a modern style, consisting of a sleek, smooth comb over, which reach out in all directions. An inside-piercing on the nose makes this guy’s style more fancy and hippie-like. Anyway, we appreciate this look.


Rubber-Band Styles

It’s effortless to criticize someone’s style, but very difficult to find the beauty in them. The tapering you see in this style shows you a perfectly layered taper where the hair blends from the bottom to match more and more thick hair on top. It’s the right choice for youths as well as teens.


Shiny Gelled Taper Fade Haircut

As we have said already, a tapered style cut can let you have any choice of a haircut on top. May it be quiff, a pompadour, flat top. Comb over; all fit perfectly. Here, we see a great hairstyle sported by this gentleman with smooth and silky hair.


Hair on Fire

We have got here a somewhat artistic kind of hair design. There is a relaxed tapered style starting from those temples which meet a flowering hair on top. Moreover, this guy’s beard is also a thing to admire.

Messy Designs

Messy designs have always been there. We may have neglected by the name of it, but they have their own identity and specialty. See how those small twirls make this hairdo a unique and creative one. You must try this cut this summer to invoke your inner artist.


Zayn’s Choice

Celebrities rarely make a wrong move, mostly intentionally otherwise. Its because they have dozens of fashion experts around them who tell them what is right and what is not. We can learn many things from Zayn, from his versatile singing, but also from his impeccable hairdo. Let’s give this impressive guy some claps.


Dashing Designs

Those rough beards, a shiny earring on either side of his hair, all contribute to this fella’s dashing hairdo. That’s what we call a perfect taper fade black hair for a black male.

Smoothie Recipe

Not just in food and cooking but in hairstyling too, we have a smoothie recipe. Such kind of hair gives hope and inspiration to kids who want to mix some innovation in their designs. Let’s hope that the whole world will be artistic as Pablo Picasso.


Snake Cut + Taper fade vs. Fade

We have got one brilliant example to show the difference between fade and taper. As you can see, there is no fade here, just taper. Fade is so thin and short that they seem to blend with skin. While in another hand, a taper is visible but sharp and gradually become longer as they move upward until they meet the mid hair.


Sleek High Taper Fades

We see another one glamorous hair that is unique in its own way.


Short and sexy low taper fades

These are lovely examples that show that just length is not the deciding factor when it comes to sexiness.


Smooth as a smoothie

A great design that shows how a proper geometry while shaving your beard affects your fashion. Learn some deal from this guy; he seems a fashion star.

Wrestler Style – Hawk Taper Fades

Mostly preferred by wrestlers, such hairdos are powerful and manly. Never underestimate the power of such designs, they can take you high in an instant. Of course, years of hard work is absolutely necessary.

Kid’s Choice

Kids never fall for the ‘fashion trap.’ Now you people may be wondering what the freak is a fashion trap. A fashion trap is a trap that allures you to try nonsensical things to wear/do just because people are doing it out there. Kids don’t buy that bullshit just for the sake of showing it to this crazy world.

Comfortable peasy styles +Mid Taper Fades

This is absolutely fantastic hairdo, on a handsome face. Try to copy it, adding a bit of your own flair.

Pointy Styles + Taper Fades For Black Hair

No one can deny the aura this freaking cut radiates. We are in awe of such calm and fancy styles.


I am not much a fan of this rapper, VTEN, but this one seems like a hairstyle inspired by him. Anyway, let good happen to everybody.

Shining Hairdo

We know his hair is shining due to a bright sun glowing just in front of him, but it is glorious anyway.

Spiky Styles Taper Fades For Black

A mischievous style, inspired by dons and mafia, equally suitable for anyone, of any group or race.


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Rolling Hairdo Twists

A classic hairstyle with many twists and turns which can excite everybody by just the look of it.

Generic Designs

While this cut may not be for everybody, there is no harm in just giving it a try. Who knows if you fall in love after trying this style.

Shining In the Setting Sun

A lovely hairdo, for which more than half of the credit should go to a setting sun.

High Taper Fades

A badass hairdo, which is edgy and fancy, both at the same time. That line shave starting from the mid-right of the forehead gives an imperious look.

Outstanding Designs

A classic cult, followed by a large number of people, thanks to their soft and lofty chunks of hair.

Rashford Design

Very popular among the top, this edgy hairdo is one of the various choices of black celebrities. Never miss out on these taper fades for afro fellas.


Silky than a Lamborghini

It’s a very shiny hairdo.

Perky Style

Never miss out such a compelling style.

Fizzy Style Taper Fades For Black Male

Blonde Inspiration


Manly Designs


Neat Cut Taper Fades


Dembele Design


Flat bald taper fade


Buzz Cut Designs


Circular Tree Cut


Clean Haircut Taper Fade


Long Sleek Back Ideas


Wonderful Haircuts


Faded Ideas


Buzzy Rough Ideas


Eminem Cut

Pointy Rolls Elements


Rapper’s Choice

These hairdos are a rapper’s number one choice. We have seen may rappers like Jay Z, Kanye West, etc. on this hairdo.

Samuel Jackson Cut

Is there anything to say about this world-famous cut sported by none other than Samuel Jackson himself??

Buzz Field Inspiration


Gentleman’s Choice


Easy and low-maintenance Designs


Sexy, Cool Ideas


Pure Black Choices


Rooster Mohawk Style


Perfect Slender Ideas


Rocking style


Easy Ideas


So these were some impressive collections of taper fade hairdo that are trending worldwide. They are cool. Sexy and manly designs that need no more explanation. Try them once, and you’ll be fan zoned. We suggest you try out one from this gallery right now if possible — bye Bye for now.