69 Triangle Braids For Which People Are Going Insane Right Now

Who doesn’t love unique and heart throbbing hairstyles? We do. Most popular hairstyles like side braids, swept bangs, dreadlocks, loose curls, hair perm, etc. are nice to have. But you don’t get a sense of uniqueness and rareness. That is why we have brought for you a new ravishing hairdo that will classify you as a trendsetter. Triangle braids have emerged into an explosion in recent years. Despite worn mostly by Afro-American and African beauties, everyone who has at least a short-sized hair can get this stunning hairstyle. Triangle braids are not monotonous and humdrum. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some popular variations of them are triangle box braids, triangle braid with string, jumbo triangle braids., etc.

So, without any hesitation and time-consuming talks, we head straight to the main topic. As you can see down below, we have collected some interesting and lovable pictures of hot and cute ladies dressed in triangle braids. These are only chosen pictures from thousand out there on Google and Pinterest. We have put such humungous effort just for the sake of your inspiration. These unique twists are equally suitable for every type of occasions. May it be a party, or a prom or even an official meeting. Diamond braids twinkle like no other when it comes to holidays and vacations. So remain alongside us on this beautiful journey of mouth-watering pictures.

Snowy style

This style resembles snow falling on a black street. But it has its attributes as the road we mentioned is not an ordinary one, it is one of the triangle box braids element.


Thick dark locks

Even though these are classic examples of triangle braids, they very much give an appearance of locks. This triangle part braids are lovely to see.

Hidden Braids

You can’t see any braids dangling in this picture. Only some remnants of triangle box braids remain. These are adorable, and we love them.

Hot look

The long, strong twists running down from her head to her hips are mesmerizing. Plus, her stunning assets are something to behold.


Bun of braids

Some combos are deadly as Putin’s orders. Here what we are seeing is a mind-blowing combination of triangle box braids and top knot bun. Hats are off to the creator of this fantastic hairdo.

Coppery twists

Diamond braids medium now have a great example on their name. When copper overtakes your original hair color, then you overtake the fashion and reach to the top of the fashion world.


Shiny box braids with triangle parts

Time and again, we have signified the elegance this kind of look provides to the personality of the owner. There is no need to describe further this dazzling braids rolled over each other.

Clear picture in the middle

I doubt that anyone can get a more unobstructed view of tripod braids styles than this one. Those spectacular twists are seen very vividly in the middle of her hair.

Teenage dreams

To be honest, this kind of teen look was our earliest desire during our childhood. We still love these clear and serene triangle braids.

Similiar to Saturn’s ring

We can’t find dissimilarities between this hypnotizing hairdo and Saturn’s ring. Both are a treat to see. In addition to the chocolate-colored ring, big triangle box braids residing in the exact middle of her head like a geometric figure is what allures us.

Cute geometry

If you are still in your late teens or early twenties, then this picture might be somewhat nostalgic. These small tripod braids are reminiscent of those ‘Solve for x and y’ type of geometric problems in mathematics. We were given slightly similar kind of figures to solve. Well done, girl!

Baby look

Parents of this cute baby are daring. They have made some daunting twists on their baby’s scalp. These big diamond braids are something to admire wholeheartedly. We have to give a deserved standing ovation to them.

Fizzy on top, clean on the bottom

As the title itself says, this is an unusual, but looked-after hairdo that you need to try this summer. The mess on the topknot of her hair is in contrast to those silky and shiny uniform twists flowing down to the bottom.

Perfect triangle box braids

Do you think that trilateral braids styles are ever going to be clean and tidy as this? I don’t think so. She has created a pure imaginary and heavenly braids out of her long and healthy hair. If you take an, even more, more in-depth look, you can see that the boundaries of a triangle are themselves a kind of tiny braids.

Blonde dreadlocks + Shakira’s inspiration

Those are classic triangle box braids that never go out of trend. If you are thinking how to do triangle braids, then you need to ask your stylist to teach this lovely hairstyle.

Furthermore the blend of two colors, black and sunset blonde gives us an impression of pop star Shakira. Dreadlocks, in combination with small triangle braids, gives an out-of-the-world look instantly.

Pseudo shaving

One who is not so knowledgeable in a field of hairstyle and hair color will unsurprisingly guess that the triangles in some middle are #1 shave. Those people are wrong. Those so-called ‘shaves’ are cute small triangle braids.

Find the way out

Designs, as we see down below, are regularly found in newspapers in the name of Puzzle solving and Finding the way out. Very probably, this chick may have been inspired from that kind of things. Anyway, we are fond of these genuine hairdos.

Thick unusual triangle part box braids

Locks down below are not quite the usual strings of twists we are used to seeing. They are new and fresh. They are using a new technique of braiding that will surely be popular in the coming years.

Box braids with triangle parts

Since this twenty-first century has started, lost hairdos like triangle chains have revived themselves again. We praise this lady for her effort to restore the lost culture again.

Jumbo triangle box braids

You get the real definition of jumbo after seeing this picture of some cute lady down here. They take some form of a star-fish and allure everybody who is near to her and looking at her mesmeric style.

Shiny as sun

One Title above is quite ambiguous, isn’t it? Sun is a single most shinest thing that we can observe. So you may ask how can this design be shinier than the Sun itself. Your answer is simple, by exaggerated comparison.

Anyway, you won’t find a much glossier and charming lock like this in next few years.

Effect of gel


A gel is fantabulous. These ladies can give an enticing look like this one down below. The model whose face is hidden has used gel to give her top hair a dazzling scene.

Strong brown braids

Triangle box braids can come in all shapes and sizes. So get out of your messy bed, make it and run to your stylist. You may ask why. The answer is so evident that explaining it would be less effective.

Hot melon view

The curvy ropes of this young girl are as erotic as her two great pairs of breasts. Both curves and circles are repeated dreams of young men. Not to mention, that black, bold sunglass adds more to her sensualness.

Two colors combined

Sometimes, one color isn’t capable of providing you with a memorable look. That is the reason why this cutie has included a shade of copper in her ropes that roll over and over to form a hilly bun. That is pure innovation.

Golden, unusual locks

Gold is a symbol of royalty. Royal men, women, and children are seen in golden accessories. That is the sole reason this young lassie has worn such a warm and charming golden triangle braids.

Ring in the string

Afro-American lassies are found mostly in this hairdo. Now that tripod braids are standard; innovation has come up through this lady. A ring inside these trigon braids with string adds whole new resolution to the attitude of this miss. We adore them.

Cute, naughty look

The dark chocolate color her hair has is itself ravishing. Adding to that, the well of ropes acting as a bun on the top of her hair gives more appeal to her look. We are in love with her. Her white nails are spellbinding.

Slick, Sublime vision

Slickness is found tapered in this exclusive look. Look how she is shining in this impressive design.

Fizzy, Fuzzy element

Some outside elements are added to these triplet braids with color. We are fond of Afro-fizz and jumbo triangle braids.

Glamorous attitude

God has gifted only a few people who can be expressive and eloquent like this miss. Her combined design is quite glorious. They are some real trigon braids with color, and they make a great view of triangle box braids small.

Starfish’s inspiration

While you are comparing that three-line-intersection with triangle, I have found even better one. A starfish’s look is very close to this lady’s crosses. Big triangle box braids are capable of enchanting everyone who comes up in your way.

Princess look + Power Ranger mask

This title is contextual to the picture below. Numerous rings attached to the tight braid is a scenic view to behold. Thick large tripod braids should be your next choice for an upcoming vacation.

Countless triangles

How to do triangle braids? The answer to this innocent question is straightforward. Just follow this frank and honest style and never regret even once in your short lifetime.

Tidiness redefined

You need to get out of your miserable and old look, go out and get ready to groom in these big diamond braids once and for all.

Thick, dense forest of twisted ropes

It’s fantastic that this model has been successful at pulling off this lovely hairdo. They look like the dense forest of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. We are blessed to have a look at this devilish hairdo.

Glossy and Lustrous

You can get more luster in any of the hairstyles out there in some market except this one. We praise wholeheartedly to the slickness and sublimeness of this cute makeup.

Brightest gold

Don’t rely on real gold; they can be stolen by a thief at any moment. If you have such ultra-realistic golden twists along with some rings on them, you are sure to be the talk of the party and prom. I doubt if you get less than 100 marriage proposals in this look.

Plum’s party

You know what is the loveliest color that a hair can have? It is the plum color. They are romantic and passionate. We advise you make them your #1 choice for honeymoon and dates.

Perfect aura

When I hear the term ‘perfect,’ I visualize this portrait. This art isn’t less than Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece. Trigon braids can’t get honest and authentic than this. To add to this, these are individual types of single triangle braids.

Naughty piercing

Just as butter adds beauty to bread, piercing adds elegance to these thick and robust twists. You need to try this unique style as fast as possible.

Lewd Look

Who cares what others say? She is a brilliant example of how sexy and attractive a girl can be with small triangle braids. You don’t always need to have jumbo box braids with triangle parts to show off something unusual to your friends.

Puzzling locks

This thing is a style that we’ve been searching on Google like crazy. We don’t know how to do triangle braids, but we know how to copy them from this model.

Tight telephone twists

If you are like me, then you very probably would have compared her pink twists added to the braids to a telephone. We admire her fishtail braids and the innovation that is inside her. She may be a cute kid, but she does have a lot of knowledge about trigon braids styles.

Big Triangle Braids

Jumbo triangle box braids, which are hued gold are impressive and sublime. We don’t know what to do when someone comes up with a marriage proposal after being dumbstruck by these wonderful braids.

Rising big triangle box braids

These ropes seem like they are resurrecting to heaven. We may turn back at disbelief, but that is the reality. We are very privileged to have seen these tripod braids jumbo.

Romantic glorious bun

Buns, we are fans of them. Here, bread above these cutie’s head looks like a perfect doughnut. Those three white flowers and several colored rubber bands all over her hair are glamorous. Despite their age, kids have a very astonishing and powerful sense of fashion.

Face slicing element

You may have seen girls with loose curls. They want some of those curls to cover their face partially. Here too, even with this bold, black hairstyle, this gorgeous angel has tried to come up with some similar idea. Well done, lady!

Triangle part box braids with fluency

Fluency is what women want. Girls want their hair to be fluent and flashy, so do men. This girl has made so much effort that her hair looks even more gorgeous than the usual triangle braids.

Girl’s dream

Small kids are adorable. They win over our hearts instantly, through their innocent smile and positivity like Pollyanna. This cute kid has motivated us to groom ourselves in triangle braids. Even though they aren’t jumbo triangle braids, they are certainly going to be big triangle box braids quite soon.

Creamy glory

I love cream, and I guarantee that you love them too. So why not put some quality effort into getting this heart throbbing, a warm and creamy hairstyle that has a muffin over the top?

Kid’s slickness

Kids are said to be a form of God, they never tell lies(even though some fake study have different results) and they never cheat people. This beautiful genuine kid has rocked the fashion world with this blonde, textured and clean hairdo. She is a modern example of small triangle braids.

No words to describe

Those three braids are out-of-this-world. They glow like that sun and radiate energy. We can compare them to flowing streams or even high waterfalls.

Demonic view

If I were to judge her by just her rope-like-braids and the high bun, I would label her ‘demonic.’ Anyway, she looks fantastically mesmerizing in this inspiring hairstyle. We pay massive respect for her endeavor.

Women in black

Except for her white glasses, white iPhone and white earphone, show me one thing that isn’t black. She is the first choice for a cast of Will Smith’s next movie ‘Women in Black.’

Triangles everywhere

She killed me off with her grand set of locks and ropes. We give this hairstyle a rating of 10/10, mainly noting its incredible radiation it throws off.

Twists out of triangles

More than triangles, these geometric figures look like some non-mundane puzzle. She has decided to rock the ramp with this dazzling haircut.

Golden eagle

Eagles are supreme creatures, aren’t they? The enchant us with their high-range flying and their preying techniques. Here they have inspired us to make these ravishing small triangle braids.

Work in progress

We can see that this hairstyle isn’t thoroughly done. Some construction is going on. Still, the messy Afro-curls, dreadlocked bun and trigon braids are something to admire. We adore them enthusiastically.

Thick quiffs + geometric twists

This iPhone addicted beauty is an artist. Look how gorgeously she has blended quiff with the braids. That’s a work of art.

Procedures explained

While you have been eagerly waiting for a tutorial on how to make those braids at first place, we have brought you this. Just look at this style and become a master at triangle braids.

Crossover of twists and turns

They are exclusive and intensive. That’s all we can say about this elegant, sophisticated style. Let’s go and find which stylist knows how to pull off this magic.

A totem-pole of African culture

African culture can’t get more symbolized than by this spider’s web-style symbol on the middle of her hair.

Close your eyes

You should close your eyes before taking a look at these big triangle braids. Your stylist can make a fool of you, but you don’t need to get aggressive. Stylists are mostly kidding.

Artistic View

She is a real artist. We don’t know if she can paint or draw. But if she can pull this type of splendid hairdo out of her sleeves, then she is undoubtedly a legend. This caterpillar-like rolls sprouting from the hair revive those old 90’s memory.

Mirror View

Since having an iPhone is considered a royalty nowadays, rich people anyhow need an iPhone to show their status. Meanwhile, this seemingly rich lady is very humble and down to the earth. We have to admire her greatness and sweetness. I adore her look in case everyone stands against me in the comment’s section.

Now that I have shown you some breathtaking and enticing looks of models and beauties having triangle braids, I would like to wave goodbye. I appreciate your effort for going with me on this long but vivid journey of some beautiful looks. Hope you enjoyed them and had a great time tasting these styles.

If you have any questions, comments., advise and criticism regarding this post, the comment’s section is always there for you to splash your ideas.

Have a good day, bye. See you in another post.