120 Stunning Twist Braids Ideas For You To Try

Surf the internet, and you’ll meet up with numerous alternatives to style braids. You may get lost and confused immediately about which hairstyle to choose. If you have a hard time deciding which one to try, I recommend you to try twist braids. Twist braid is one among many styles with endless variation within itself. You’ll never run out of twist braids, for sure. The beauty of twist hair braiding is unbeatable. In like manner, it stands out equally in creativity as well as uniqueness. Your search for awe-inspiring twist braids is over now. Without a doubt, you are in the right place. Here you can discover 120 best ways to style your braid in different twists. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get hold of these, you will tell me how easy was that!

So, you want to learn how to make twist braids? Here’s how:

  1. First, make sure your hair is clean. Wash, condition and dry if necessary.
  2. Second,  determine the number of braids you are going to make and divide your hair into the required section.
  3. Now, divide each section into two parts, stretch and hold one of that sub-section while rotating the other one.
  4. And finally, you can dip them in oil, especially Jamaican Castor oil, for moisturizing them.

See, I told you this would be easy. Now that you learned how to make twist braids let’s watch and learn some of many twist braids variations you can try this winter or any other time of the year to be exact.

120 Hairdo in your wish list

Classy Twist Braid


Classy and casual, the braids gathered together at one side leaves some of the strands back. This style never runs out of fashion.

Twist Updo

A thin volume of the hair strands is twisted creating a beautiful pattern on the scalp. Also, the twisted hair strands flow backward and ultimately gets interwoven beautifully into an updo.

Dream Twists

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Simply amazing! This fuzzy looking voluminous hairstyle reminds me of beautiful flowers blooming in the spring. Besides her beautiful hair drenched in walnut brown, her gentle facial expression will surely tame the wildest of all beasts.

Curls with Smile

What can be more attractive than a seductive smile? A bountiful spiral complimented by the smile of course!

Jumbo Twist

If an intimidating persona is what you want, this hairstyle will meet your need. Jumbo twists rooting from various part of the scalp makes a bold design that will dazzle anyone looking at you.

Black and Blonde

Blonde is a favorite color that many people prefer as their hair dye. And why not to? Just look at the pictures above.  Those ladies look gorgeous with blonde highlights on their twist braids.

Front Updos

Updos have served us many beautiful designs for our hairs. Front updos are one of those elegant variations. I strongly recommend you to try these hairdos if you prefer a more straightforward look.

Short Twist Braids

Short hairdos and cute are two words that go side-by-side. Confused? Just look at the beautiful ladies with small twist braids above and tell me if I am wrong.

Tapered and Twisted

If you have a beautiful baby girl to look after and are wondering with which hairdo to go, this twist braid tapered toward the end is your perfect option. This protects your child’s hair and is ideal for getting back to school. Moreover, this hairdo looks pretty too!

Twist Braids with Extension

When you don’t want to worry about caring for your long hair, hair extensions are your best choice. They are easy to manage and modify. Furthermore, you also don’t have to worry about your natural hair getting damaged accidentally as well. So, give these twist braids with extension a shot for a mesmerizing and carefree look.

Short Twists in Red

Red, also known as the color of love. Short twists here braids give you a pretty look while the highlights give you a romantic flair. Get ready for any dates and proms with these fantastic hairdos.

Polished Twists

These simple and twist braids flowing freely in every direction of your head give anyone who wears it a polished look. Undoubtedly, this hairstyle is for people who seek a neat appearance.

Twist Braids for Children

Everyone wants their child to be pretty. If so, here is another hairdo for your beautiful baby girl to try. Make your child the prettiest of them all with these braided pigtails adorned in equally pretty purple ribbons.

Serpent’s Twists

The way these braids in above hairdos twists give a striking resemblance to a serpent’s coil. You can go with either design. First, you can make the serpent’s coil entirely out of braids and even dye them with beautiful brown color. Or, second, you can put up a single braid through the entire twist and add a floral design for a diminished look. Both models will look absolutely stunning once you try them.

Voluminous Short Twists 

Be an extra special guest wherever you go with these bulky little twist braids. These puffed braids are suitable for women with small faces since they increase your facial volume. But, any lady can with any facial feature try these hairdos without any hesitation. From polished loose curls to braids ending in puffed curls. There are, without any doubt, an endless variety of these hair designs for you to try.

Dreads and Smile

Dreads and smile are two things that go together very well. Therefore, next time you show up on any occasions be sure to check in with this gorgeous hairdo.

High Top Buns

With these ‘top of the world’ high top buns, you can now turn head wherever you go effortlessly and efficiently. Although they look fancy, they are simple to get hold off. After you finish making braids, all you have to do is gather front braids and finally roll them in any way you want. Additionally, you can dye them, decorate them or leave them as they are.  This results in a bold hairstyle that states your personality clearly.

Patterned in Coils

Twist braids patterned in coils are altogether an off the chart hairstyle. If you want your locks treated differently from everyday coiffures, why no try these hairstyles? To give you the reasons why you must try these designs, first, they are creative and the second and obvious one is they are lovely twist braids with a unique touch.

What are y’all looking at?

When you sport a hairdo like this, you are bound to garner some significant attraction wherever and whenever you show your presence. Moreover, adding a bow-tie ribbon upfront will undoubtedly make you queen of the night.

Sharp Ends

Mind where you are walking, for once you wear these pointy twist braids, you will surely penetrate someone’s heart with your sumptuous look. These hairdos feature a walnutty shade with no accessories. Being garish is not an issue here if you opt more subtle look. Merely wearing a smile is enough to entice any gentleman you ever desired.  Your beauty magnifies even more with a very simple ring either in your ear or fingers.

Twisted Ends

Here are a few hairstyles having uneven endings compiled just for you. First hairdo above has braids arranged messily. Moreover, the messy braids have somewhat of an unfinished touch to it making it unique and lovely. The second hairstyle on our list has more maturely finished braids. The braids are evenly loose and twisted at ends. Both hairstyles are suitable mostly for girls with short hair.

Adventurous Hairdo

Be ready for any adventure up ahead of you with this bold hairdo. The braids protect your hair from natural elements like heat, dryness while the safely tucked hair gives way for performing any problematic tasks. Now, with this hairstyle, you can play any athletic activities from running to hiking with fashion.

Hair Or Rope

Undoubtedly, braids give strength to your hair. The way twists form in the designs above makes them markedly look like some rope. These hairstyles are classy and unobtrusive, so you don’t have to worry about being too flashy if that is what you want. And, they are equally firm as a rope and additionally beautiful also.

Short Styles

Do I have to say how pretty a girl looks in short hairs? That is so obvious, look at the girls above. Short hairs are like God’s gift to a girl. First, they are easy to pamper. Second, you don’t have to take care of them like every second or so. If you ever had long hair, I fell you girls. Third, look at all those variations you can have with short hairs. You can dye them in electric blue or romantic maroon, polish them or give them a brushed finish. Choices are up to you! Today we are explicitly having a look at some few short-styled twist braids in all their glory.

Shades of Red

A little romance is necessary for our crazy life. And what better way to flare up our romantic life with the one we love, boyfriend or fiancee, then by having the color of love drench our hair in all their awesomeness. Date, prom, picnic, outings, any event you name it, this hairdo will be there for you to make those experiences straightforward memorable.

Frilly Smile

Frilly smile or smile freely, pun intended, both options are equally likely to win anyone’s heart. And I meant it. Looking at the lady in frilly twists smile at me made me realize putting on a smile is just as crucial to a gorgeous twist hairdo.

Crown Updo

All our life we dreamt of being a princess. All those fairytale movies and stories we have looked up to made us very jealous of their adventurous and romantic experience. If so, here are some beautiful crown hairstyles for consoling you. They even provide you with a princess like feeling. To make these crown braids, first make long braids enough to wrap around your head. Then do an updo and finally envelop a twist around your head. And you are good to go. I can’t wait to try these lavish hairdos. You can thank me later once you begin to get ushered with compliments!


Remember all those memorable moments we had fun by playing with snows. Now, remind yourself of those very moments with these twist braids highlighted in snow-white tint. These braids are built to last, so you don’t have to worry for weeks once you do them afterward.

Thick Braids

Giving your hair thickness is what they promise in every hair product advertisements. I don’t know if they ever work, but the one fact I can guarantee you is that these thick braids hairdos will surely give your hair any volume you desire like a charm. Short locks or long, they are hairstyle for every girl. Haha! It looks like these crazy hairstyles are turning me into my inner poets I always wised to be.

Side Swept Designs

I would choose side swept twist braids designs over any others on any day. Why? One, the plan is m impressive. Two, you get less cluttered hair, one side is just literally open and free. You can just slap on some exciting scalp design, hair rings or anything else you would like. And, the final, the weight of hair pressing feels like a relaxing massage.

Top Buns

‘Bold’ and ‘Unique’ are the two exact words that I can think of once I caught a glimpse of the beautiful hairdos. And, I bet you thought the exact words when you saw these elegant designs. Well, to say the buns are reasonably easy to make but you have to catch the trick first. First, all you need are twist braids, a lot of them. Once you finish braiding your hair, you can stylize them in a multitude of ways: voluminous, curled ends, dyeing hair ornaments or any other thing you can think of. Then finally, get hold of braids from the top section of your head and roll them as you wish. It easy, isn’t it?

Red Tints

Red and yellow are remarkable color companion especially when it comes to hair. Twists braids are enough on their own, I say you. But, if you ever wanted it to be more contrasting, the color as mentioned above combination will come in handy for you. For this hairstyle, prepare thick braids. After that let four braids, two in each side, fall freely from the back of your head. Then, create a Mohawk-like pattern from twists of the front section while doing an updo for braids in the end. Finally, complete this look with a beautiful yellow hand-woven earing.

Compact Designs

When it comes to being brief, I don’t think there are any other twist braids better than the small twists here. The braids drawdown directly and free at the bottom portion. It is clear that hairdos above are made explicitly with short locks in mind. If you were wondering which style you should try for your short locks, these are the one you should definitely try once.

Flowing Hair

Nature loves to keep thing rolling and flowing. And, everyone loves natural ‘things.’ Now, you can give your hair a natural look without selling your soul using hairstyles listed above. Like nature, these things are built to last. Flowing hairdos will keep you running for months without having to care for them. Your hair also additionally gets the benefits of being nourished and equally being beautiful too!

Winter Protection

Prepare yourself and your hair locks for the coming blistering cold winter with wavy twist braids. This hairstyle beautifully couples wavy hair with twist braids enveloping around your head, protecting your locks as well as ears from the cold.

Bob Twists

Bob twists are one of the short hairstyles with cuteness attached to it. This hairstyle characterizes by short hair cut evenly at the bottom. If you are the most childish one in your group, then undoubtedly you have to give this hair design a shot.

Long hairs

God, how I envy these girls flaunting their beautiful long hairs. Of course, long hairs are hard to maintain. But their benefits and charisma outweigh the efforts we put on them. Besides, twist braids being a protective hairstyle, you don’t even have to worry too much about your long hairs.

Sleek Updo

This hairdo essentially combines sleek cornrows finished in an updo with a simple beaded ribbon. Which results in a minimalistic hair design that you can carry in any formal or casual events.

Maroon Buns

Another elegant hairstyle in our list is a bun drenched in fantastic maroon. This hair design requires precision crafted braids drawn in a like manner which are then looped into a great bun. If you ever tried this hairstyle and wanted to break the silence a garish diamond earring will always come in handy.

Ramped Up

A unique and artistic design with. This magnificent design of braids twists in a remarkable pattern that closely resembles horns of ram whereas side braids are drawn horizontally for equally impressive effect. If you markedly want to have a chance for turning heads, this design is what I heartily recommend.

Miniature Side Bun

The cuteness of an object is inversely proportional to its size. Smaller it is, cuter it looks. The case is similar here with this hairdo as well. Addition of a small bun made from twist braids makes this hairstyle explicitly pretty that compels every girl to try it at least once.


Curly twists are the hairstyle that you have to give a shot at least once in your life. They are massively popular on the internet and fashion industry. If you really haven’t had curls honestly, you are missing something. These great hairstyles are sure to increase your aura and beauty once you wear them. Next time you appear on a party on curls, and you are bound to be ushered with some severe appraisal.

Twists and Smile

What are the twists for? For making you a man-magnet and the smile? It is for diffusing worst of all situations. Once you wear this astonishing hairdo, there is no going back. A smile adorned with short braids can sometimes be all you need to look gorgeous.


Let people wonder what you are up to with these unfinished twist braids. These locks are made mainly with shirt locks on the mind. To achieve this perfect style all you have to do is form braids neatly and end them messily. That means you do not have to complete the braiding process and still look gorgeous.

Full of Dreads

This is the hairstyle that speaks for you and me as well.  Should I describe this hairdo? I mean, it looks majestic and attractive and anyone can notice that. Also, this hairstyle makes your hair look very dense resulting in a vibrant and natural appearance if that’s what you are into.


A kinky hairstyle merely is astounding. The kinks and knot scattered here and there make it unpredictable, in a right way of course. I assure you, this hairstyle won’t let you down especially after you wear your smile with it.

Rooting for You

This collection of braids is exceptionally magnificent. Individual twists here seem to come to life with their roots atop of your head. And, the use of bright red highlights is just spot on. Now, the lads will really ‘root for you’ once you appear in this beautiful hairstyle.

It was fun learning about some of the marvelous twist braids with you. Now that you have learned about these superb hairstyles, it is time to apply them. Twist braids are a protective hairstyle, that means they care for your hair and protect them from natural elements. So what is there to lose for? The only things you will loose with twist braids are hair problems. But, you will also gain a lot more benefits. What are you waiting for? Try these twist braids and comment about what you felt about them.