125 Cute and Romantic Updos For Long Hair

Updo for long hair is one that girls prefer for a romantic and passionate vibe. Weddings, proms, or any other special occasions; updos do their magic.  They can make you look more classy and sophisticated. Moreover, besides formal occasions, this incredibly lovely hairstyle is equally fit and comfy for casual wear. But if you are thinking of chopping off your hair for some reasons, these pictures might change your thought instantly.

Is Long Hair Necessary?

Length of your hair comes into the game because updo is generally for long and slushy hair. Of course, one can create a great one out of medium length hair, but girls having long hair have one upper hand.

So, without any further talking, let’s get to this fantastic collection of lovely updos.


Classy Rolled Updo

updos for long hairs

One can make a ton of soft rolls of hair to get a really chic updo like this. It seems somewhat messy, yeah, but its elegance is second to none.


Updo In Just Two Steps

While we would love to give a detailed tutorial on how to make updos for long hair step by step, this photo also seems to be very helpful. This pure medium-length hair is converted into a whimsy updo which changes the whole view.


Snake Curled Updos For Long Hair

This one shows us why updo is for everyone. With even medium hair, this lady has created a fantastic updo, which is basically made of soft blonde curls.


Simple Bun Updo

Buns can combine with almost all hairstyles. Be it side-swept bangs or loose curls; buns give a cute vibe to your hairstyle. Here too, the bun has helped a minimalist and straightforward updo look fabulous.


French Braid Updo + Curled Ends

Braids are timeless. The main reason behind this is their versatility. When you think it’s time to rock a party, we recommend this beautiful style for you.


Flower Updo

Updos for long hair gives you many choices so to pick from that choosing one out becomes difficult than making one. A twinkling earring helps you achieve that shine you’ve always dreamed of.

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Parallel Braids

Parallel braids multiply the cuteness that an ordinary twist would give you. We can see those s-curly styles which this blonde has applied to her hair.

White Rose + Minimalistic Updo

Being minimal doesn’t translate to being ordinary. Rather it implies your pure nature of making an excellent updo for long hair. The white rose pinned in between the middle updo seems to maximize the cuteness.

Silky Updo Hair

A sharp variation of updos for long hair. One can see sharp edges all over her head provided by silky, dark blonde hair. It’s a beautiful design to have for parties and proms.

Flowing Hair + French Braid Updo

The textured hair can adapt to many haircuts from side bangs to pixie bob. So there’s no question if it makes a good one when turned into an updo. You can opt for one french braid in one middle of your hair to keep it cute and calm.

Rough, Messy Styles

It has been seen multiple times where one pretty girl has preferred for a messy-looking braid and front-sweeping bangs.  She has lifted her updo in the back that provides an added volume to her overall look.

Quick Ideas

In a hurry to attend some social party? We suggest you opt for this cute and quick updo that is nonetheless, as elegant as it can be. Despite looking somewhat rugged, such styles are fashionable and trending right now.

Thick Plum Designs

Want to have a new hair color for the upcoming summer holiday? Then there is no better dye than plum that’s both trendy and light-hearted. This girl’s minimal idea to keep one soft bun-updo is very inspiring.

Fair-Tale Twists

This idea is one that is very much reminiscent of a fairy-tale princess who was super-gorgeous and kind. You would love this caramel-highlighted balayage blonde which shines like a bright moon in one dark night.

Perfect Braids + Hidden Updo

Some updo styles are clearly visible to whoever takes a glance at you while some aren’t. This one comes under the latter category. What is one most striking attribute here is this cutie’s perfect chocolaty braids, added with two shiny accessories.


Jumbled  Back Updo For Long Hairstyles

Want to confuse your pals with some jumbled up yet pretty style? Pick this iconic style, which is actually one of some most beautiful despite looking topsy-turvy. Why not go to your stylist instantly and telling her to make this design on your own hair?


Softest Updo Designs + 360 Rolls

Have you ever seen any hairstyle softer than this? We very much doubt that. Softness is one virtue that adds more to your feminity. Plus those new smooth rings which form the updo are awe-inspiring.


Gorgeous Variations Of Updo

While it’s known to everyone that girls are fond of updo as they keep your hair from dangling around your face. This style does more than that. One sense of peace and calmness is what such styles add to your personality.


Edgy Impressions

Do you know what happens when a volcano meets a tornado? A creation like this surfaces. We are privileged to see have known this incredible artistic updo.


Short And Cute Element

This is a fantastic idea which is easy to handle and quick to pull off. It is added with more value – courtesy of a lovely hair strand just in front of the ear.


Shiny Flower Crown

Elegant and straightforward updos are the best to choose from. Here, we can see a shiny and attractive hair crown pinned on this lady’s hair. You can try these at parties and proms.


Scalp-styled Casual Updos For Long Hair

Trying new ideas is always a great choice. Firstly, your self-confidence grows high and secondly, you know that you have something within yourself that can make a massive difference for your soul and for this world.

We suggest you try this cute style, where the front hair is tightly knit into braids and rest is molded into a soft updo.


Messy Updos for Long Hair Prom

Ever thought if something messy like this would be an excellent idea for occasions like proms? Well, if you haven’t, then this click challenges you to do so. Despite looking some rough and rugged, this hair design is cute and innocent, which are the qualities people admire everywhere.


Updos For Medium Hair

Along with long hair, medium hair also do very well for updos. Your caramel-blonde hair such as this one can turn out to be a great updo if you make simple locks at the back of your head and attach all hair strands to it.


Cute, Lovely Updos For Long Hair

What we are looking above is an attractive and stylish variation of the Dutch braid. It may seem very easy to pull this one off if you have long hair, but experience and guidance are also needed, as they always are.


Very Straightforward Designs For Updos For Long Hair

A simple roll at the back of your head to stitch all your hair strands: a smart idea. Even though it looks pretty straightforward, it signifies your belief in simplicity and your pure nature.


Curved Hair Strand Idea: Updos For Long Hair

Letting every inch of your hair to curl and bend so that the whole complexion looks majestic is what we can learn from this click. Let’s hope someday we’ll be able to pull off something miraculous like this one.


Princess Elements

You can opt for a neat french braid running down the middle of your hair in this style. Rest of the hair are iron-rolled and provide a casual impression. This is one of the brilliant casual updos for long hair.


Cute Bun Updo

Buns never come alone. They come to assist other hairstyles so that they look even more fascinating and perfect. That’s what a bun-cum-updo at the back of this girl’s head has provided to her innate beauty.


Casual Looks For Outgoing

Girls need casual and relaxed looks too. Whether it be going out to a supermarket or to a grocery, high-end looks like that of Disney princess aren’t so practical. That’s when straightforward and quick designs like the above come to rescue.


Tornado Curls

I would like to title this iconic style ‘Bend it Like Beckham,’ but that doesn’t do them justice. Even Beckham wouldn’t be able to give such extreme curls. That is why the word ‘tornado’ holds everything.

These iconic blonde curls can be made from tools like curling irons and other modern automatic curlers.


Glorious Updos for Long Hair

Pick some strands of hair from either side, twice on both sides of your head. Then tightly knit them to make fishtail braids and let the rest hair make another glamorous braid on the top. That’s how you pull off this mesmerizing design.


Jet Black Looks

Just like blondes, brunettes, and red-heads, jet black beauties are also on the right side when it comes to making fabulous updos of long hair.

There are plenty of sites, which Google can show you where you can make such easy updos for long hair step by step.


Amazing Pattern Updo

The updo seems missing here, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly, if you look carefully. Firstly, you need to know what an updo really is. Usually, girls let their hair face downwards to the ground, which is a natural thing.

But now, you have an extra choice to give your back or front hair an upward view by making a lock like structure, which is what we call an updo. This patterned style could be your next best friend for social occasions.


Rose Elements

Easy peasy, isn’t it? You make some roses at your head’s back and boom! There it is. There are many ideas like the one featured which don’t require you to go to a stylist and hope everything turns out well. You can pull this all by yourself, provided you have a guide and necessary tools.


Dazzling Blondes

While it may also be true for those with jet black hair color, blondies are on the profit side when it comes to being able to dazzle everyone with their small hair.


Romantic Updos For Long Hair Prom

In case you haven’t noticed yet, giving your hair a ton of sexy curls and bold perms is a huge trend this year. So give this incredible idea a try. We are sure you’ll get a romantic, boho-chic after that.


Updos or Bun?

If you ask me, why not both? This style will have you glowing all day and night, unrivaled, a perfect idea for a flawless spring wedding.


Rose Buns? Really?

Buns and updo come side by side when a hairstyle which includes both shines. Whether you’re bride or bridesmaid, all the attention will be towards you if you pick up this design.


Flawless Updo

Do you know why do we love updo? Because they don’t hide any of your facial features. They make your hair shine along with your facial beauty. And there are very few other styles, if any, which can do what updo can. We are privileged to have access to tons of these mesmeric updo styles.


Textured Updo For Romantic Occasions

Updos for long hair may probably be ranked the number 1 when it comes to looking romantic and passionate. This heart-throbbing updo will have you looking chick and bold whichever party or social occasion you grace.


Rough Updo For Thick And Long Hair

Fortunately enough, you don’t need to run off to your salon to recreate a look like this one. Anyone, from a high-school girl to a hot-21 chick can pull this off.

The way multiple rolls are lifted up on the back to make a thick updo here makes it a chic, trendy and bold style that everyone loves this year.


Chic View

Your chic and sexy view will be absolutely preserved if you opt for a trendy and cool updo. Leave a few tresses loose around the ears to give a frame to your face. Are you fully prepared to give it a try?


Thin Tresses Updo

It may well be true that there aren’t many hairstyles that let your delicate tresses look so glamorous and scintillating than our beloved updo. This updo is chic, cute, and passionate. Those sparkling earring in the lady’s ears also deserves a share of the credit.


Sun-Kissed Updos For Long Hair

Want to have a boho-chic, sun-kissed look which makes you look like you’ve just come off a warm beach? Then, know that the time has come to implement this trendy and fashionable style that is hitting markets like bullets right now.


Red Mohawk Designs

Don’t be amazed by the word ‘Mohawk’ used here. Just like they help boys achieve a fierce look, they also help girls attain a bold and robust view, which adds to their feminity and self-resilience.


Party Updo Designs For Long Hair

What catches our eyes instantly is this girl’s black bow-outfit. Make some rolls of your hair and attach them to a middle lock and you are ready to rock this style in parties and proms.


Golden Magic – Soft Braided Ideas + Cute Updo

The soft updo is easier than it looks. We adore such style that is simple yet gorgeous and sweet yet strong. We can achieve these styles in 7 minutes or less. So why wait for any miracle, go out and turn yourself into a beauty queen.


Soft, Sleek Bun

It doesn’t take longer than ten and a half minute to pull off this gorgeous and sweet updo hairstyle. The featured one comes under some best updos for long hair wedding.


Easy-peasy Girl

Most people nowadays are worried about things like ‘How do I get those amazing styles like that model?’ or ‘How do I look hot and bold like my friend’s aunt’s daughter?’.

All these insecurities boil down to one thing: How do I look beautiful than others? Well, the answer is: choose a simple style that comprises of an updo.


Chocolaty Rings

Ever dreamed about being in a house of chocolates and cakes and eating the roof off with your sister? We don’t doubt if this aged lady has also had the same experiences. Anyway, you should try these chocolaty styles if you want to be more bold and boho-chic.


Romantic Fantasies

Fantasies and Fetishes are what empower most of us. There may be some exceptions, of course. Some gurus meditating in the lap of Himalayas may have overcome such desires and could be devoid of any emotion like fear, greed, or the lust itself.

I’ll inform each of you if I ever get to meet such evolved souls and let their secrets be known to every one of you.


Bulky Updos For Long Hair

While the bulky figure may not be what boys are looking for, a bulky and thick twist of sensational platinum hair is definitely what would prove to be a fatal sight for most boys.

Sleek And Elegant Variations

Low bun updos are making headlines everywhere this season. If you are a crazy fan of buns and updos just like me, then this blissful style is for you. What you are beholding is an exquisite example of super romantic and entirely feminine updo for every springs and summer.

A wedding day, a romantic date, one party with friends, whatever occasion, this lovely braid will add fragrance to your golden beauty.

Cute Braids Updo

We adore this design for the vibrant energy it radiates.


Perfect Fishtail Braids

Queen’s Crown

Bob-Inspired Updo

Red-Carpet Chicks

Multi-colored Braids + Lovely Updo

Easy Designs

Flowing Styles

Real Flowers

Hot, Elegant Updo Variation + Diamond Flower

Messy Ideas

Natural Enigma

Sleek And Smooth Twists

Red Highlighting

Proper Look

Glowing Jet Black Style + Seducing Earrings

Casual Charm

Ginger Elements

Thick And Heavy Strokes

Tiny Red Hair Accessories

360 Rolled Updo For Long Hair

Innocent Teen Likes

Amazing Architecture

Rough And Tough

French Braid Updo

Golden Waterdrop Earring

African Choice + Permed Desires

Hidden Braids

Silky, Smooth Turnings

Golden Flowers With Golden Leaves

Tight-Rolled Inspirations

Flowing Down Stream

Asian Attitudes

Glowing Updos For Long Hair

Updos for Long Hair Prom

Top, Cute Bun

Infinite Star Glory

Pure White Sensation

Caramel Textured Balayage Blondes

Head Band Updo

Shiny Likes

Easy Updo for Long Hair Wedding

Seductress’s Details

Those enchanting eyes alongside heart-throbbing lips are enough to make a man slave of yours.

Thick, Huge Updo

Mohawk Inspiration

Snaky Curls

Stong, Intertwined Rolls

Multiple Braids Inside

Circling Brown Twist

Hot Parlour Styles

Cute faces Innovation

Bend it like Beckham

Absolute Definition of Glamour

Boho-Chic Motivation

Not-so-neat Designs

Chocolate Desires

Purple Flowers Pinned At The Updo

Your Oscar Look

Serene Platinum Ideas

Double Braid System

Heavenly Icons

Soft, Honey Look

These natural updos for long hair are breath-taking. Regardless of the formality of occasions, they help you shine and glow like no others. We suggest you spot the one your heart points and go for it, now.

Have a good year ahead.