121 Premier Wavy Hairstyles For A Youthful Look

Be it any family gathering or just another causal date; the wavy hairstyles set everything up! If you are one of those ladies with that dashing-bouncy curls, then trust me, ladies, you can slay the hair game like a celeb. Additionally, if your hair lacks that “sexy-hair-shine” you can, undoubtedly, get your hair that wavy look, which is sure to make your whole appearance look softer and lady-like.
So, let’s check out the wavy hairstyles compilation, shall we?

Ombre Wavy Hairstyles
wavy hairstyles

For ladies opting to go for both feminine and playful hairdo, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to win your heart. The blue and white ombre in that wavy hairstyles look pretty awesome.

Shoulder-Length Waves

Now Rapunzel-like long wavy hair can be so challenging to manage; therefore, keeping it in shoulder length makes your waves look attractive and trouble-free for sure.

Pixie In Wavy Hair

Wavy hair and pixie never go out of style! Ladies, if you have layered your pixie, you are sure to look dead drop gorgeous with that look.

Wavy Hair In Brunette

Brunette is, undoubtedly, the color of love and if you have that hair color then darling this hairdo is made only and only for you.

The Messy Wavy Hairstyles

Messy is the new sexy, and you would be living under some ancient rock to not agree on that!

The Multi-Highlighted Waves

If you have highlights, you need to get that in order with some mess! Oh, you heard it, right ladies, some messiness in your wavy highlighted hair is going to make you look lit!

The Long Wavy Strands

Doesn’t that hairdo look like a “chocolate-fall”! Well, who wouldn’t want that chocolatey-shiny look in their hair?


The Innocent Highlights


The Lower Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair can look so natural and at the same time give you such a youthful look that it is unquestionably worth a shot.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are just awesome to look at, and with the wavy hair, it merely gets a lot better.

The Neat Hairdo

Messy and wavy hair can look good, but you can go with a neatly made wavy hair which is sure to look appealing.

Short Bob

Now ladies, if you have wavy hair and if you are planning to get a bob, trust me, you are making the right decision in life (wink).

Princess Waves

Every Disney movie has one of the princesses with wavy hair and Tiara which might look like a cliche, but honestly, this hairdo gives such a feminine look that you are going to love.

Jasmine Hair

Neither too many curls nor too much color, this hairdo is perfect and is, undeniable, going to give the princess Jasmine vibe.

The Amber Hair

With highlights like these, wavy hairstyles are always going to be trending in the top 10 hairdos.

The Perfection

Who said wavy hair didn’t look perfect for formals? Just who said that? If anyone did say that, they have probably not given this hairdo a shot.

The Natural Barbie

If you got a chance to see a Barbie with no makeup, she would probably look like this chic with such beautiful hair.

Wavy Hair With Some Bangs

Wavy hair, itself, is a high fashion “Bang!” and with the fringes, it sure looks sizzling hot.

The Sleek Middle Partition

Now, this hairdo is, undoubtedly, going to give anyone the fashionista’ look! With sleek partition in the front and the wavy hair flowing down the back, this hairdo can set any ramp on fire.

Dakota’s Hairstyle

After the release of 50 Shades Of Grey, who doesn’t want the sexy Dakota-hairdo!

Kim’s Wave

Well, Kim doesn’t only have a wavy body but also wavy hair, who knew that? No one! Until we saw this photograph.

The Brit Look

One thing surprising about the wavy hair is that you can look like a British moreover if you have a blonde hair, boom! You are sure to slay the hair game.

The Princess Waves

Megan, Duchess Of Sussex, puts on the hairdo with that classy aura that it is sure to be an eye tuner anywhere she goes.

The Cotton Waves

Now ladies, if you can’t have sleek straight hair, who cares? Because the wavy hair in pixie will make you look cute for sure.

Crown Braid

Wavy hairstyles with crown braids are, personally, my favorite. This hairdo is right to go with dresses and gown and is sure to make you look appealing.

Shiny Waves

Silver blond and waves are, absolutely gorgeous! And this hairdo is a perfect example.

The Amber Rolls

The amber hair looks gorgeous on literally any hair type, but if you are opting for a curly or a wavy hair, it is sure to look fabulous.

The Sea Waves Curls


The Long Hair

Long hair is sure to give a feminine look but is also going to make you look playful if you are ready to put up with some waves in it.

The Model


RIRI Curls

Rihana is one of those celebs who can pull off, literally, any hairstyle and maybe that’s why she is such a fashion icon.

The Cute Wavy Hairstyles

With that cute pair of spectacles and the bangs, anyone can look cute, but you know what’s even cuter? The wavy hair with long!

The Feathery Look

Anyone can die for hair like that! The combo of the white blond and the waves are perfect.

The Angel’s Hairdo

Now, who doesn’t want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model? If you wish to look like one of the angels, then you should try this hairdo for sure.

Cropped Waves

Cropped up T-shirt, cropped up trousers – 2019, is all about cropped up stuff and amid cropped uptrends, the cropped up wavy hairstyles is definite to fit in well.

The Black Hair With Brown Shine

Let me tell you real quick, that the black hair looks fantastic and if you add a little highlight and little curls then Bang! You are sure to look like a bombshell.

The Jennifer Hair

When it comes to wavy hairstyles, no one plays it well like Jennifer! So, for your wavy hair guru, you can follow her hairdo with no doubts.

Black Waves

This hairdo gives a vibe of both punk rock and the chic-next-door. Well, this hairstyle is refreshing and out of the box for sure.

Another RIRI Look

It takes guts to follow Rihana’s hairdo if you know what I’m talking about and if you want to flaunt your hair waves like a fashionista’, you should follow RIRI’s lead.

The Lady-like Waves

Wavy hair is sure to give you a feminine aura if you know how to put it right.

Simple Wavy Pixie

This simple pixie is perfect for formal wear and if you are opting to look all classy then girl, you need to get that hairdo.

The Vibrant Curls

Tyra is undoubtedly a fashion icon and all thanks to her hairstyles; she never fails to look vibrant.

The Honey-comb Hair

If you want your hair to look sweet as honey, this hairdo is going to make you satisfied with no doubts.

The Charming Mess

Hair can be messy but still attractive, and if you are looking for this look, you need to try out the wavy hair with a simple bob.

The Bridal Hair

As I have mentioned earlier that wavy hair always gives that princess aura, and if you want a perfect hairdo for a wedding then you need to try wavy hair with no doubts.

The Pop-rock Look

Demi Lovato is not only a great singer but also an awesome fashion icon, and with that wavy hair, she defines, exactly, what I am describing.

Kristen’s Curls

Miss Steward has always looked gorgeous, and even in short hair she knows how to keep her curls rocking, maybe that’s why she has such a massive fan club.

The Side Partition Curls

Curls can be of different types, and these African-American curls are merely excellent and with a side partition, it is sure to look dashing.

Hairdo For Mongolian Face

Not trying to be racist but all hairstyle types don’t look good in all races of people, for example, this hairdo looks so cute in Mongolian faced people whereas might not look as good in other Races.

3 B curls With Highlights

A hair like that looks healthy and is sure to look good in any outfit.

Gorgeous Waves

Demi knows her style and with that curls, she slays the hair game for sure.

The Classy Waves


The Brown Wavy Hairstyles

Who wouldn’t want to look hot every single day? So, if you are one of those ladies trying to look hot, this hairdo is going to serve you pretty well.

The Shoulder-Length Wave

Shoulder-length hair is freaking awesome, so maybe that’s why many ladies prefer this hairdo over other long hair options.

Kinky Hair

Everyone has this idea that size 4 Kinky hair is not relaxed, well, all those people out there one question have you ever tried this beautiful hairdo?

The Black Waves

You can always rock them waves when you have black hair. Like legit, black hair can turn bae if you learn how to love it!

The Chic Look


The Flawless Waves

No one cares if you have a side chic or main chic or whatsoever, but if you have this Chic look, you are sure to be a head turner, sweetie.

Wavy Hair

Good wavy hair with beautiful highlights looks good honey; you should give it a try.

Jennifer Look

No one can deny the fact that Jennifer looks hot and do you want to know what looks even more hot, those curls, baby!

The Asymmetrical Bob

I was waiting so long to write about this beautiful hairdo. This asymmetrical bob looks like magic in your wavy hair, and I’m pretty sure that you are going to love it.

The Classy Babe

Are you looking all over the internet for a hairdo to give you that classy vibe? Well, here you go, the most awaited hairstyle for you.

Noodle Like Illusion

Maybe because I’m hungry I wrote this, but seriously this hairdo looks adorable, and at the same time it gives a noodle- like-illusion as well.

The Wavy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Wavy hairstyles look suitable for any hair length, and if you have Short hair and, literally, no idea on what looks good, this hairdo will not deceive you for sure.

Magnificent Waves

Don’t be in the illusion that only sea waves look magnificent even wavy hair can, that is, if you take good care of it.

Queen B Style

When it comes to singing and being a fashion icon, Queen B can slay it all.

Red Shining Waves

This hairdo surely gives me some Vampire vibes, and most importantly, the hair length is so right that it is both manageable and perfect looking at the same time.

The Model Wavy Hairstyles

Models don’t only work out to make their body look good; they also work on their hair to get that perfect “MODEL” look.

Natural Look

So much of plastics have been running out recently that it’s getting challenging to articulate what is natural and what is not! Well, this wavy hair might not be Natural but will surely look natural.

Summer Hairdo

Hairdos should change according to season darling! And this summer look will give you that chic aura for real.

The Killer Waves With Bangs

Oh yes, honey! You heard it right. The killer waves with the BANGS are the hairdos that have made Beyonce, Queen B.

Spring Hairdo

Hairdos should change according to season darling! And this spring look will give you that chic aura for real.

Updos In Wavy Hair

Wavy hair and updos are like peas and carrot; they never go wrong together.

The Royal Look

The whole Brit royal family have tried wavy hair in one of their lifetimes and trust me if you want to look regal, this hairdo is, undoubtedly, what you need.

The Classic Pixie

This pixie might be cliche, but it is cliche for a reason. And trust me when I say, with wavy hair, it looks even more gorgeous.

Short Trimmed Waves

Short wavy hair is so cute to look at and is so easy to handle that if you are having a severe hair problem, you can consider getting one of these hairdos.

The Red Carpet Look

If it’s a red carpet look, it’s hot! So, ladies with wavy hair, this is the hairdo that will make you look dead drop gorgeous.

The Curls

Curls can make you look Jazzy and Sassy like this hairdo right here.

The Professional Look

If you are opting for a more professional look, then you need to get a wavy hair and get this side partition in style babe!

Sweet Cheryl Hair

Cheryl is sweet, and so is this hairdo. Darlings, looking for a cuter cut, you got your hairstyle for sure.

Ombre And Waves

Maybe because Kylie Jenner has this hairdo, this ombre and waves are so trending these days.

The Basic Hollywood Look

Now when some say Hollywood, this hairdo comes in my head as fast as BAMM! So, if you want to look like a Hollywood celeb you need to try this hairdo for real.

The Curls Of Beauty

These cute curls never go out of style, and that hair color is never going out of fashion!

The Shiny Smooth Wavy Hairstyles

This one is the kind of hair that Loreal Paris features in its video and no one can deny the fact that it looks, unconditionally, mind-blowing.

Short Braids

Small braids, wavy hair is a perfect combo and can never go wrong for any occasion or any dresses.

The Healthy Look

Any hair can look flat and unhealthy at times, and if you are in that hair phase, you can get wavy hair with no doubts.

The Charmer

This hairdo legit made me go “Aw!” That blond color, those curls, and that bright blue eyes are appealing, undeniably, appealing!

Party goer

All chronic party-goer know their style, but if you want to look like one, then this hairdo is the best place to start from and will not let you down for sure.

Curls With Middle Partition

You want to look slaying in your hairdo, do a middle partition, trust me; it will work out great!

Waves And Puff

Only wavy hair can look dull, you can spice the game up by getting a cute little puff in the front.

Wavy Hairstyles For Women Over 30

Be it over 30 or over 40, with this wavy hair you are surely going to look young.

That Catty Look

I’m a dog person, but I have to admit that these catty waves look so hot for real!

Pinned Up Wavy Hair

Pinned up hair not only looks good but is also so easy to manage and definitely a yes- yes when it comes to a prom hairdo.

The Hot Lob

You can go with a lob even if you have wavy hair or just a sleek straight one, trust me, any of these are sure to look great.

The Bouncy Curls

This hairdo looks like a baby Afro and also really cute. If you have run out of rough hair ideas, then you need to try this hairdo.

Tinkerbell Look

This fairy tale hairdo is sure to make you look cute as Tinkerbell and charming as Peter Pan.

The Shining Cutey

Well doesn’t the hair look shiny! All thanks, to some conditioning and wavy hair on fleak.

Cool Girl Look

Maybe because of the color, but this hairdo gives some Cool girl vibe for real.

The Chic Hairdo

So many celebs have put on this hairdo, and maybe that’s what makes this hairdo so cool.

The Classy

Want to look like a classy lady? Look no further girl, because this can be your inspiration right here.

The Sassy Bob

Not all asymmetrical bob look sassy, but when these bobs are in wavy hair, they sure do!

Next Door Girl Look

If you are looking for a very casual look, this hairdo is undoubtedly going to win your heart.

The Sea Waves In Blond Hair

Just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this hair! Doesn’t it look breath-taking?

The Beauty

Isn’t it so beautiful! The hair, the color, and the whole persona.

Snowy Hair

This hairdo gives me a winter vibe and is so beautiful to look at that you forget that it’s not a wavy hair at all.


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The Straight Blonde

You can slay that straight hair, but with a bit of wave in the down area, it’s going to look hot for sure.

Messy Bun

Wavy hair in some messy bun is good to look at and fabulous to put on with no doubts.

The Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids look good no matter what, and with this beautiful little hairdo, you can look amazing as ever for real.

The Charmer


This hairdo legit made me go “Aw!” That blond color, those curls, and that bright blue eyes are appealing, undeniably, appealing!

The Pretty Waves

I don’t know why, but every time I see this hairdo, I get reminded of the series FRIENDS.

The Voluminous Wavy Hair

This hair is, honestly, cuter than Ariana’s ponytail look. Well, it looks similar, but this hairdo makes your voluminous with no doubts.

The Wavy Hairstyles Trending In 2019

The hairdos which were called old fashioned back in 2017 are making a come back in 2019, and we need to be glad about this because it looks beautiful with no doubts.

The Hot Waves

Now that’s some hot wavy hair which can draw anyone’s attention. Moreover, this hair also looks good to go with any dress or just a sweatshirt.

Red Waves

Red waves signify volcano, but at the same time, it also means hot wavy hair that is irresistible.

Wavy Hair For A Chic Look

This simple look is enough to turn anyone on! Maybe that’s why many Hollywood celebs have this wavy hair that looks perfect.

The Baby Afro

In the African American community this hairdo has been going on for ages, and the real secret of why people find it so appealing is that it can make any hair look sexy for sure.

The Black Waves

Wavy hairstyles look great, and even in black hair it can look fabulous; moreover, if your hair is all up looking flat, then you can try this hairdo on with zero regrets.

The Wavy Hairstyles For Youthful Aura

Now, who doesn’t want to look young? These wavy hairstyles of all shades are sure to give you that youthful look that you are searching for and is sure to bring back that lost charm of yours.