125 Dazzling Yarn Braids Which Guarantee A Soft And Stylish Look

Who isn’t fond of soft and silky hairstyles? People have been desiring such furry and elegant hairstyles from the beginning of hair styling fashion. Therefore, amazing hairstyles such as side braids, swept bangs, loose curls, dreadlocks, crew cuts, etc. have come into existence. But out of laziness and lack of time management, we haven’t got a chance to try some impressive and outstanding hairstyles. This time, we are going to show you one incredible, sublime and feathery hairdo that has gone viral in 2018. Yes, you guessed it right, they are none other than Yarn Braids. Statistics show that one of the most googled questions in recent years was ‘How to install yarn braids.’

So if you find yourself searching similar things in google like crazy, stop it now. They can be your new and fresh look. From parties to proms to official ceremonies, they can fit anywhere. You also don’t need to worry that how can a single style suit these many occasions. That’s because there are tons of variations within yarn braids. Yarn braids bob, yarn braids on short hair, acrylic style, etc. are some fantastic styles you can turn your twists into. So without further delay and other mundane things, we head straight towards this superb collection of yarn designs. I guarantee you and your friends that once you try one of these, you’ll keep them forever.


Platinum Yarn Braids

You can see that thick bun of white locks on the top of this model’s head. Her globe earrings are one-of-a-kind. We love them.

yarn braids

Black twists

When you have got pure black hair, then you don’t need any accessories. We love how this Afro-American has turned her hair into dreadlocks.

Plum inspiration

Plum is undoubtedly a symbol of love and romanticism. Moreover, when you can make a braid out of your dreadlocks, people will get fazed by your look.

Brown locks 2018

Brunettes are alluring. No one can deny the fact that this wonderful style along with those black piercing eyes makes us this lady’s fan.

Green hair + ultra-modern earrings

Green never goes out of fashion. What you see around the world, mostly is green. In addition to her thick braids, her golden-cum-silvery pair of earrings denotes something to admire.

Ropes of twists

This is a popular example of braids in South Africa. What a picture of twisted braids! You can’t deny that this girl looks hypnotic in this soothing look.

Cadbury gems

Anyone who is a fan of Cadbury gems reading this post can easily fall for this amazing hairdo. Those small details and nuances in this lady’s hair are cool.

Indian look

We are not quite sure this lady is an Indian or Native Indian. Who cares, when one has got tight dreadlocks arranged in twisting style.


Greyish ropes

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone says this picture down below is one of the coolest yarn hairdos. Those thick red lips along with an enticing pair of eyes are nothing less than heavenly.

Tons of strings

Greyish shade is a wonderful color tone to have on your hair. Therefore people are going crazy about them.

Pinkish dream

What we see down below is a brilliant example of yarn braids. In addition to that, this girl’s light pink shade on those long flowing twists are seducing.

Nose piercing + ravishing hair

Nose piercing has become a favorite fashion across Southern America and Western Europe. Apparently, these new traits come originally from the natives of those places. We can help ourselves but admire those long and thick tresses down her head.

Romantic hubby with chubby cheeks

More than a rose, lotus has become the new symbol of passion and romanticism. Yarn braids at home can also look glamorous like in this case.

Woolen beret + caramel effect

Caramel highlights very much suit micro yarn braids. If you are confused how to install yarn braids, you need to know what a ‘yarn’ really is. A yarn is a fine set of cords or braided fibers of silk or wool or any soft strand used extensively in weaving and sewing.

Larvae’s inspiration

Its very common that people get inspired by nature, its environment, and its creatures. We can see these mesmerizing yarn braids which are inspired from a butterfly’s larvae.

Tight-knit braids + coppery shade

Who knows this kind of unique hairstyle will be your favorite once you give a proper shot? Besides, we admire those artistic set of CFL bulbs hanging in this girl’s room’s ceiling.

Light blue desires

Textured hair is always able to give you a fresh and eloquent hair. We can take an example form this gorgeous lady who has a light, friendly smile on her cute face.

Pasta rolls

It’s for sure that everyone desire this kind of kinky twists. Yarn braids short can’t have a better example than this one below.

Spicy micro yarn braids

Is it possible that some people in this world despise this wonderful hairdo? Absolutely not.

Sea blue sense

One of some popular hue of blue, sea blue is enough to catch bypassers’ eyes. Therefore, they are very much coveted all over the world.

Red, fancy bun

When you have a physically strong boy, no one can stop you from making those coppery red ropes. Everyone, whether they are children or elders, is fond of this slick hairdo.

Shades of red, purple and blue

We would like to compare her sideburns with that of a crewcut. Never has come a golden time to dye your hair in this hypnotizing style.

Trusted view + full accessory

Never let go of your good luck fortunes. We have said repeatedly that when you have this kind of prowess, nothing can stop you.

Silky, strong braids

These types of braids are fresh and simple. Your stylist can make these for you quickly. You just need to ask her to do, that’s all.

Purple + blue braids

Purple has lately come out on top. Celebrities like Rihanna, Aishwarya Rai, have shown its magic in lipstick. This lady shows it through her stranded hair.

Golden beauty

Everybody like golden color, don’t they?

Pink violist

Nothing has a more soothing effect on our soul than the violin. This model’s face is eloquent of her music sense.

Shiny, brown rainfall

You can compare these flowing strands of dreadlocks to heavy rain.

Enticing smile + blue ropes

Such a beautiful and enchanting smile is nothing less than divine.

Alien hair

So now this type of strange hairdo has also come up. Those rainbow braids in the mid-section are cute.

Greenery, every day

Greenery is what we want. To start with ourselves, we have to think like her.

Tight locks + scalpy style

Your red hair can sometimes look like this too. Buns make a great combination with scalpy styles.

Nose piercing

Sometimes your nose needs little freshness. Piercing your cute nose can look amazing. Your friends will talk about them all day.

Innocent lips

We can’t say more about her pure and naive look. Adding to that, unusual colored braids looks fresh too.


Those who regularly watch Discover channel can relate to this hairdo. Those tons of green spirals around thsi girl’s neck exactly resemble a green snake, but a bit color saturated.

Bigger-than-the-head bun

This unique style is incredible. We have not seen anything serene like this before. We worry how heavy would be that bun over the head.

Cute beauty

Yarn braids are known for complimenting your natural beauty. Look at this lovely girl. Her attractive face is ideally suited to those black dreadlocks.

Princess’s crown

Who needs a golden crown? When one has got their own hair-crown, one doesn’t need anything more.

Rectangular boxes

Similar to triangle boxes, these flat shape boxes are great. We love them.

Copper highlights

Spraying some copper in your locked hair can look dashing.

Cool hand bands

Colored hand bands can have different purposes.

Glorious bun

Scalpy hairdos are great when you know how to pull them off.

Huge smile

Smiles are contagious. So smile yourself and make others smile too.

Greyish desire

Spraying some hints of grey on your locks can be great.

Glass + earring

Accessories like glass and pendants are sublime. You can get awesome looks using them.

Yarn braids with shells

Shells define your identity. Look how this lady has used some hair strands to shell her rest hair.

Minute particles

In a thick hairdo, you need something twinkling. That is what you see here. We suggest you try out this one for your next prom. Easy and cool.

Boxed braids

It’s unusual that boxes can be made in your head. Anyway, you can live with them if you like.

Light blue hints

Despite having the smallest of braids, you can look mesmerizing. Blue is a color of peace and calmness. We expect those traits from this beauty.

Creamy lines

All of your yarn braids don’t need to be creamy. Just one strand is enough to highlight the whole tress.

Shades of green

The probability of an Afro-American having blue eyes is one in ten million. She is something special.

Short style wig

A wig is impressive. While they can add cuteness to your style, you can preserve your attitude with them.

Icy strings

Somebody, please tell me how to imitate this style. A girl has been dying for this ice cool fashion style.

Zoo visit

From this picture’s background, you can easily know the place. In addition to that, this lady’s hot cleavage adds more boldness to her glory.

Pizza’s inspiration

Pizza lovers are creative. Their intense love for pizza has led to great inventions. This hairstyle is one of those.

Rabbit buns

Do you ever think how living like a rabbit feels like? If not, try this one. I’m sure you wouldn’t feel ordinary in this.

Thick ropes

Surely this one has to be hairstyle of the year. This cutie’s hair seems so strong that it could drag an airplane too.

Marilyn Monroe’s fan

Marilyn Monroe is an all-time favorite icon. Her status says it all. This hardcore fan also implies the same.

Kinky Twists

Eloquence and elegance are defined in this style. Sometimes, these new and fresh styles can make you overnight sensation too.

Night mode

iPhone holders have no problem clicking photos at night too. Clicks taken at night are clear and warm.

Thick eyebrows

People say that your eyebrows’ movement when you are talking says it all. That is one of the reasons why we adore Emilia Clarke.

Glorious bun

Despite being heavy and uncanny, a bun is fabulous. You can take an example from this beauty in this case.

Artistic design

Artists are a messenger of Gods. They create heaven on earth through their masterpieces. This lady is also an artist.

Red rolls at 10 am

How do we know its 10 in the morning and not in the evening? The answer is simple — those sun rays coming out of her front door.

Messy and hairy

Tattoos on her right arm say it all. She is an aspiring model and a dreamer.

Indian look

Golden colored pin reaching this girl’s nose is fantastic. Dreadlocks can accompany these accessories to make you even more eye-catchy.

Dangling locket

Sometimes in a chest, sometimes in a shoulder, now at the forehead. Golden lockets are ravishing.

Honey blonde

Honey is everyone’s favorite. Natural is better, isn’t it?

Short pasta rolls

Food lovers can relate to this style in a blink of an eye. That’s why we are recommending you this style.

Wavy sideburn hair

Those sea waves embedded in this lady’s sideburn is artistic. They can make eyes glued to them.

Pink + black spots

Black spots can add an absolute beauty to anything. From deer to leopard, all look enchanting. That’s why this lady is so unique. Furthermore, those barbie earrings are out of this world.

Mega jhumka

Jhumka is an Indian world. Unmarried as well as married women wear them to look beautiful. The girl below certainly looks impressive in the circular jhumka.

Bold look

It now is proven that yarn braids rank #1 on the sexiest hairdo. You can opt to try these for parties and nightclub dance.

Fluent braids

Multiple twists can add a ton of freshness to your look. Moreover, a parallel style is impeccable regarding styling.

Messy, permed

Your natural hair is more than any so-called ‘fine’ artificial ones. Nobody can stop you from remaining in you kin hairdo.

Modern models

These two clicks reflect the prominent modernness in today’s fashion.

Thick queen yarn braids + round glasses

I don’t think that I need to remind you about round glasses. They are what all kids, teens, as well as adults, want.

Capped makeover

Having a reversed cap is great, isn’t it? Plus, we adore those red hot lips.

Parted twists

When in a mood, you can side part your hair to one side. This design gives you the freedom to avoid handling your hair on either side.

Killer smile

Some girls have a killer smile that can make anyone flat. This lady is one of them. Claps to her!

Naive eyes

I can see that childish playfulness in her eyes. We love those styles, don’t we?

Cute, medium redhead

Medium locs are best in a red hue. Therefore, they have been so much popular nowadays.

Chocolate dreams

If only those yarn braids were made out of chocolate, I would devour them at once. For a creamy, chocolate look, we suggest you this style.

Sisters from different mothers

One has a romantic look, while another one has adventurous. Look at how diversified our society is. That is the real beauty.

Thickest braids

Sitting still for hours in a salon is fruitful. Don’t think your time is wasted in those moments. How can you get these braids without such patience?

Mesmerizing coils

Is someone gets confused over the authenticity of the infinite curls, tell them they are real. We will convince them anyhow.

Dog-tail style

Among the readers, who owns a pet dog? If you do, you would say there is no difference between these hair strands and a cute puppy’s tail.

Complex Roots

Trees have roots that span over 10 meters underground. Although this hair is in no way a tree’s root, they can cover more area if let free.

Pointed edge

Just like pixies and bobs, yarn braids with pointed tips are popular. Masses try to know a secret of this style.

Flowing straight

Amazon rainforests bear heavy rainfall. Animals hide in their caves during those times. While seeing this artistic hairdo with mesmerizing braids, we come out of our caves. Moreover, tons of rings on this girl’s ear is quite fascinating.

Librarian’s mood

When you get bored, by distributing and collecting books, get this style. It suits every hair color.

Airport look

You always want to look glamorous. So we have brought this style to have while leaving for another city.

Soft Buns

Buns can’t get smoother than this, do they? I seriously doubt this thing.

Teen’s desire

Teenage is the age of naughtiness and adventures. Girls try many things for the first time in the adolescent years. You should know too.

Pizza Lover

Everybody can know how much this girl is obsessed with pizza with a mere look.

Sun’s warmth

Sun provides your hair and your skin a sense of warmth. Get out and take a nap while the morning sun gives you vitality.

Only bun

There is no style seen on this picture other than a top bun.

Busy-street highness

On a busy street, you rarely see this hot chick staring at you. If you do by chance, don’t miss to ask her secret of making that awesome yarn braid.

Extreme white

This cutie’s hair is so white that we may not be able to see in on a snowy day. That’s for you.

Thick green braids

Do you think your twist can get much more abundant than this? Amidst all your doubts, we advise you try this once leaving all your worries.

Afro smile

Whether you are a native America, Austrailian, Asian or African, smile are the same. They exude the same aura and warmth. Look at this exquisite beauty.

Let them flow

Wind is blowing, and you are getting naughty. This result is what happens when someone brings their DSLR in front of you. Everyone has a crazy side to their personality.

Large Hoops

When you have such large hoops on your ear, flies and butterflies come to try some athletics.

Permed hair

Your permed hair is your ornament. More than gold, more than silver, we love these shining styles.

Purple desire

Purple hair is today’s #1 desire. Why not groom your hair to purple then?

Chocolate Craze

You can blame your stylish if kids come near you to eat you chocolate hair. Anyway, kids are innocent and naive. You can get each of them a packet of Cadbury in case.

Yarn braids unravel your mystery and make you more fluent. That is one of the reasons we have suggested you this fantastic hairdo. You not only make yourself more stunning but inspire others too. In every occasion, this hairdo can spell its magic on viewers. So, don’t miss out on this style. I guarantee you that this design will remain for many decades to come. Due to ultra advancement in science and technology, applying this style has been safer than ever.

Don’t be late to try out this glamorous style. Everyone, Asian, European along with Afro-American can give a shot at this. Have a good day and live your every day to its fullest. That’s all for this article.

See you next time, bye!